Monday, September 10, 2007

One thing after another

Today was just not a good day...In trying to help Maggie finagle something from behind the office door I nailed my forehead on the corner of a shelf on the wall. Not exactly sure how I did that but it hurt like hell. Now I can't look up or scrunch my forehead (which I tend to do a lot) without out shooting pain. Never mind the headache that won't go away.

Next, I had documents to ship priority mail on the way to the airport. But the post office decided to change the size of the package they accept in the parcel bins. I am so use to running in, using the automatic station which takes all of 3 minutes, dropping the large envelope, and going. As quick and painless as possible. Not more packages accepted in the bins over 13 ounces due to security concerns. What?! Why Now?! So I had to wait in line...yeah that trip took longer than expected which in turn made me leave late for the airport.

Thirdly, Chicago traffic in the rain plus construction. Need I say more.

Finally, this morning a nice lady from United called saying that my flight was "on time but in an over sell situation so we are asking people to take the later flight with a confirmed upgrade, no cost to you". I thought why not, what's an hour or so later leaving. I don't want to go anyways. Bad idea. United made me use 2 of my precious upgrades and when I complained said there was nothing they could do. PLUS due to the rain that started immediately following the flight I was originally booked my new flight took off 2 hours late. I am finally in the hotel about 5 hours after I expected and I can't sleep. And I need to wake up in 6 hours to get my 5 mile run done. blah.

On the upside the Cubs beat the Cardinals 12-3. Go Cubs Go!