Sunday, February 13, 2011

A day in my traveling life

There hasn't been much time in my schedule to do anything other than work. Last month I was assigned to a second study that should have been 50% of my time. Instead I have 2 100% studies. I'm tired! My weekends are now spent running a little, cleaning, and recovering on the couch from the week of travel before I go back out and do it all over again on Monday. I am now spending very limited time on the computer and reading blogs has been relegated to my phone while I wait in the airport. So I haven't been commenting or reading as much as I would like.

A few weeks ago while in Boise, ID I decided to document a day of my life on the road. It's not very exciting but it's my life for the last 9 years. Sometimes I get to add in cancelled flights, delays, rude travelers, sweet travelers, and so on.

I always start my day on the road with the Today Show.
USA Today. My reading on the plane later.
Trying to scrape the frost with a credit card. Always a good time.
No fancy hotels for me; there's a low per diem. Luckily this was a nicer than most Hampton Inn and only 2 minutes from the research site.
My office for the day
Subway is my go to lunch. At my desk of course. I'm trying to get done early to catch an earlier flight home.
Heading to the airport

Being nice and having status helped me catch the direct flight home instead of my scheduled layover in Denver. Now it's time to settle in with some reading and recipes I won't have time to make because I'm not home.
Chicago at night. Love this view

Joy. 7:30pm and traffic is at a standstill leaving the airport.
After 8 pm and I'm finally home
A rarity... my husband made dinner and bought a bottle of wine. Love!
Night, night