Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a 1/2 for fun

There's a little race this upcoming weekend around these parts called the Chicago Rock 'n' Roll 1/2 marathon and I've paid my money to partake. Not much mention of said race has gone on around these parts other than listing it on the sidebar. The reason? I'm not racing! It's August in Chicago people. That means humidity out the wahzoo. I don't do racing in high temps and humidity! Since I wanted to run this but not race I asked my friend B if she was interested i (since other friends of ours are also running) then promised to stick with her to get her across the line of her first 1/2 marathon. The new mom agreed to the plan! Once she agreed I signed up and promptly lost track of time... therefore I did not train very much (I know very bad of me). I have done enough to know I can cover the distance and provide support to my friend.

This is the probably the most excited I've been for a race, especially one I'm undertrained to run. I plan on taking a lot of pictures, making sure B keeps moving, and enjoy the morning in downtown Chicago. Friends are driving in from out of town to run and several other lovely bloggers will be in town racing. It is going to be one big party Sunday morning. I.can't.wait!

Do you sign up for races for fun or do you always give it your PR effort?

Friday, July 23, 2010

decisions, decisions

A friend of ours is getting married Oct 9, 2010 in North Carolina. I am super stoked for the wedding and visiting Asheville for the first time; unfortunately wedding weekend falls on the one weekend nearly every marathon I want to run is happening. :( I'm especially sad to be missing out on the Chicago marathon. It seems like everyone is running it this year! Being out of town that weekend in October and for two weeks in November (huge vacation = so excited!), and spending a lot of money on these trips really limits any fall marathon options. I'm left with a few and not sure what I want to do. This is where you come in and help me ;)

Originally I had grand plans to run the Akron marathon in September before all my fun and the holidays. Then when training should have started I was sick and not feeling like putting in the work that training requires. So I'm bumping that back to the half. This way I can run part of the course and see if I want to make the full commitment next year. There are a couple other half marathons and other races I also have my eye on as well.

Fall race options:

1) Run Columbus Ohio marathon 10/17. Pros: Friends are running, it is a fast course that is well supported, should be cool weather, less than 2 hours from family in Ohio so they may come support as well. Cons: Long drive for a short weekend, would have to start training asap.

2) Haunted Hustle Marathon in Middleton, WI on 10/30. Pros: Plenty of time to train, only 3 1/2 hour drive to Madison/Middleton, weather should be good (but it is Wisconsin, it could snow at the end of October), sounds like a fun and different race, would add a new racing state to my list. Cons: I leave for my big trip 2 days after the race. Do I really want to travel for 10 hours super sore? Day 2 post marathon is usually the worst for me...

3) Forget the full marathon this fall and run the 1/2 marathon and other fun races the remainder of the year.

Another thing I should mention is I am kicking around the idea of the Goofy Challenge in January as well. So I don't want to run a full in December and thus burn myself out on running and training. Goofy will be for fun, no time constraints, and to raise money for cancer research!

So let me know what you think in the comments. Also is anyone else running the Disney full/half marathon in January?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday What

When I run I rarely wear jewelry. With the exception of small earrings wearing any other jewelry while running becomes an annoyance. I can't stand anything around my neck when I'm running, I feel like I'm being choked so necklaces are a no go. I take the wedding rings off too. My hands swell to a ridiculous size especially in this heat so the rings are off too or I'm cutting off blood supply to my ring finger. No one wants a purple finger ;) Seriously it is so bad that after my 10K I couldn't get my rings back on for nearly an hour post race.

At races and out on runs I see that others wear wedding rings, some only a necklace or earrings, some in full jewelry get-up. I always wonder how wearing these items never bothers them. I would love to be able to wear my wedding rings but it is so not possible!

So if you typically wear jewelry day to day what kind of runner are you? If married do you only wear the wedding rings? Do you have a lucky necklace to wear? Does the jewelry bother you like it does me?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Women's 10K Race Report

Last Monday I made the last minute decision to run the Fleet Feet Women's 10K on Sunday. I realized looking over some past races I haven't run a 10K since 2006! Either there aren't a lot of 10K races or I am never looking for them instead choosing to focus on the half or full marathon distances.

Race morning came early after a night of not sleeping well. I had originally planned on having to walk to the race start (less than a mile away from my condo) but the husband rolled out of bed early to go golfing at the city course right by the race so he dropped me off a little closer to the start. Since he was golfing this was my first race I went to completely alone. It ended up being not as bad as I thought it would be ;) I arrived about 30 minutes before the race start and tried to stay hydrated. It was humid! Luckily, there was cloud cover or I most likely would have walked the course instead. I lined up about 10 minutes before the start and snapped a quick picture.
There were a lot of announcements but there was one that had me choke up a bit and remind me why I run. I didn't know but the race donated to/was sponsored by "Catch Your Breath" which is a women's lung health group. She thanked us for being there, asked us to take a deep breath and see how good it felt, then reminded us of all those people who would love to be out here with us but couldn't because they had diminished lung capacity/problems breathing. I'm very glad I can catch my breath and run for those that can't:)
Like I said it was a humid morning. As soon as I started running the sweat started rolling off of me and I knew this was not a day to break any records. I decided to push myself to my abilities that day and enjoy the morning with 3000 other women runners.

Mile 1 went by quickly enough as I passed the clock just under 9 minutes. As we headed North and then turned back South along the lake there was a nice breeze coming off the lake but it seemed to drag on forever. Before mile 3 the 5K runners were splitting off and the 10K runners were on my usual running path. As I turned to my right I cursed myself for not signing up for the 5K ;) I made sure to stop at every water stop (except 1) since I hadn't brought my own water and ended up walking through the stop. I take racing in the heat seriously, especially after my 2007 Chicago marathon experience, and I wanted to make sure no to overheat too much! Oddly enough my slowest mile was the one where I didn't stop to walk and take in any fluids. Miles 3-4 went by quickly enough and I seemed to be keeping the pace around 9 minutes or just under. Miles 4-5 I really felt the heat. My legs and lungs were fine but I was just exhausted. I dialed it back until just after passing the mile 5 clock. I ended up finally picking it up when I could see the finish line, passed a few ladies, and broke the 8 minute barrier for the last 1/2 mile.

At the finish line I found sweet relief in the cooling fan race organizers had set up. I tried not to linger too long to make sure everyone else could enjoy the cool mist. There was decent food but all I wanted was a water and to head home to shower. I had plans to meet the husband for a yummy brunch at The Southport Grocery. Some of the best breakfast and lunch food in the city that only seats about 30 people. So you need to get there early or wait for awhile.

According to the B chip results I finished in 56:28, about a 9:06 average. Way off any sort of PR but it was my best on this day.

Even though I was by myself I had a lot of fun. It was nice to have all the guys cheer us on and not competing against us. I don't know if it was the weather, lack of testosterone, or just me but atmosphere was completely different; it seemed a lot less intense. A fun race AND we received a super cute running shirt and reusable bag. It doesn't get much better than that :) As usual Fleet Feet put on a fantastic race!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

last minute

On Tuesday of this week I was told I had to book a quick trip to Portland, Maine on Wednesday. Seriously? I have been wanting to visit the east coast but on my own time not for a last minute work trip in which I spend 10x the length of the actual visit traveling, Unfortunately there is no saying "no" to management. I put up a good fight but in the end I lost. So I spent nearly 11 hours traveling to Maine on Wednesday because all the direct flights were sold out (go figure ;) ). When I arrived at the rental car counter I had a good laugh though; I wasn't expecting the sign that greeted me...
My favorite part is the hand drawn moose - so cute :) Sadly, I didn't see any on my short trip here. Maybe next time if there is one.
And I made the last minute decision, with all your encouragement, to sign up for the 10K this Sunday. I tried to rope some others into running it too but no go. I have no expectations for this "race". Goal is to survive and have some fun. It is going to be hot and I haven't done speedwork in a long time. If anything I get a cute new running shirt out of the deal!

Monday, July 12, 2010

so sore

As if I wasn't sure of how old I was water skiing let me know. I am no longer in college and I am freaking sore the day after my lake fun. I seriously believed I had whiplash this morning when I woke up because my neck and shoulders hurt so bad!

I was determined not to use my soreness as an excuse to keep me from my mid-long run today. I had pushed it off long enough! Since it wasn't as humid/hot today I was able to head outafter 4 and feel pretty okay. I didn't overheat in the first 2 seconds of walking out my front door. Always a good day when that doesn't happen ;)

The run itself was nothing to write home about. I got it done with a decent pace even with a devastatingly slow 5th mile. It was my longest run in a long time thanks to being sick for over 2 weeks, busy with life, work travel, and general laziness. It felt good to go the distance and I am looking forward to the long runs once again. Though with my time away from the longer distances I forgot how hungry I am after the run. I made the mistake of waiting to grocery shop for dinner post run and had to make a 2nd grocery store stop thanks to the first not stocking anything I needed (hello avocados and freshly baked bread). By stop 2 I was famished!

In other random news I'm thinking of signing up last minute for a 10K this Sunday. It's an all women's run put on by Fleet Feet and starts less than a mile from my front door. I can walk there early Sunday morning and experience my first all female run. What's stopping me from signing up? I am ridiculously out of shape for a 10K and I would really like a friend to run with me :( It's one of those races that a lot of sisters, mother/daughters, and friends all run together and I might feel a bit out of place. But it may be good to get a feel for where my racing fitness truly is so I can create a good plan of attack from Sunday on out. Another plus of the race, it might liven up things around here to have another race report; no matter how pathetic :)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

water weekend

This weekend we were invited up to our friends parent's house in Wisconsin about 2 hours outside of Chicago. Another fun weekend filled at a lake with friends, boating, swimming, lounging, and this...

check out those sweet running short lines!

I haven't been water skiing since college and I wasn't sure I would be able to get up on my first try but I did! Like riding a bike when you have fat boy (wide) skis ;) And the husband even tried it for the first time and got up on the 3rd try!

We've been a little (err lot) spoiled these past 2 weekends. We packed all our lake fun into 2 weekends in July and now there is nothing else on the calendar the rest of the summer. I know we will find fun stuff around town but probably not on a lake :( Now, if there wasn't that whole "a lake house and boat cost a lot of money" problem ;)

No long run this weekend; I've pushed it off until Monday for a multitude of excuses. When we returned home I did head out for an easy 4 in the rain. It felt great even though I feel like I'm on a boat at times.

Friday, July 9, 2010

starting the weekend off right!

To start of the weekend on a good note...

I finished up work early to skip out and catch the much earlier flight. Since it wasn't my site, I was only helping out with another study, I didn't feel too bad. Plus, I was able to catch the other girl up more than I think she realizes.
Made it to the Memphis airport...

And missed all the thunderstorms to arrive home 4 hours earlier than originally planned (thanks to my United status).

Instead of airport food, I was able to enjoy dinner with the husband

Which happened to be some delicious Italian style brick oven pizza and 2 glasses of bubbly prosecco!

Now it's time for some sleep after a long 3 days of travel. I hope to wake up super early (well, super early for me, especially on a Saturday) and go for a mid-long run. Then it is off to Wisconsin for some fun in the sun with friends!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

holiday weekend

After this long holiday weekend I now need a holiday. Isn't that always how it goes? For the holiday my husband and I made the drive back to Ohio for one of dad's parties. Also, for a little "fun" thrown in my in-laws made the 8 hour trip to visit as well. Yeah, they haven't seen each other since our wedding nearly 2 years ago and don't know each other all the well. Luckily we had a lot planned for the weekend to keep everyone busy! It was filled with no running (but a lot of talk about it with some neighbors who are ultra marathoners!), farmer's market, cornhole, a lot of cleaning up (2 hours of dishes the morning after!), partying, eating, drinking (I behaved myself), some boating with my sister and brother in law, and a baseball game. Another extremely fun but very tiring weekend! The long drive home yesterday was worth it. Now it's time to persuade my husband to move to Ohio so we no longer have these long drives on a monthly basis ;)

I also was the one documenting all the fun on my dad's fancy camera. I was to purchase one of my own but really wanted to get a handle on such an expensive piece of equipment before I made the big buy.

Farmer's Market on the Square

Cheeseburger cupcakes - YUM!

Serious games of cornhole

drink responsibly - especially when it's 95 degrees outside

How did you spend your holiday?