Thursday, July 30, 2009

Yea for a good Thursday!

This morning came early... well not that early but it sure felt early. Traveling and training really kicked my butt the first half of the week and it all caught up to me last night/this morning. I woke up and immediately had to rush to make it to my annual eye exam on time (made it!). Not a lot of change over the past 10 years - I'm still nearly blind. They don't even make certain contacts in the prescription I need... sad. For the first time ever the optometrist is younger than me; what a strange feeling! But the most thorough I have had in a long time. She fitted me for new contacts and my oh my they feel so much better than whatever I've been wearing for the last year. Yea for good doctors!

I returned home did a little work then headed out for LT run, 8 miles with 4 miles @ 15K pace. This all translates into an 8:20 - 8:42 min/mile for me. I'm happy to report I did not fail! I had some trepidation heading into the run but once I got over my warm-up I was rearing to go.

LT mile 1: 8:38
LT mile 2: 8:27
LT mile 3: 8:22
LT mile 4: 8:20

Yea for good runs that boost the confidence! Next up... 15 miles on Saturday.

And one final item. I want to give a big birthday (3-0) shout out to my girl Jami! Yes, we have the same name but she spells it all wrong ;) Jami I know you stalk my blog to catch up on my life instead of calling. I would too b/c I know I talk way too much. I'm looking forward to celebrating with you on Saturday!!! I'm know it will be a great time just like it is every time we get together. And I'll try not to get you into trouble (drinking wise) but you know it is inevitable when we get together :)

This is a day early but welcome to your 30's girl!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

training, farmer tans, and food cravings...oh my!

Immediately following my run today I had a decent blog post written in my head. The only problem was I had a teleconference, shower, then leave for a flight. So no real time to sit down and write the dang post. Maybe it will come back to me later this week :) In the meantime here is the mish mash happening in my head while procrastinating writing my trip report in a seriously nasty hampton inn.

Monday I did some weights and cross-training at the gym. It's always tough to be instead when it is so nice out but my body enjoyed the light day and no running. Tuesday morning there were plans to wake up when my hubs left for work. Instead I slept another hour, replied to some e-mails, then made it out the door around 9:45 am. The day greeted me with little shade, no breeze, and high humidity. I made it through the 11 miles just under a 10 min/mile. Not very fast but that's summer running for me! I think today was the longest mid-week run I've done that wasn't considered my weekly long run. It felt good and I'm off to great start to week 2 of training.

Today I noticed I've got a sweet farmer tan without even trying. Between the watch, tank top, short, and sock lines I'm looking hot ;) I use sunscreen spf 45 but after several hours outside and not being able to reapply that's what happens!

I've also been having serious food cravings since I started upping the mileage. It's bad enough I'm hungry every 90 minutes but now all I want, besides cookies or cake, is bacon or avocados. And it's even better if I incorporate those 2 together. Like today for lunch I had a BLA (bacon, lettuce, avocado) sandwich. Normally it would have been a BLAT but no edible tomato in the house to be found. Last week I think I had bacon in at least 1 meal every day. So... not... healthy... I need to try to limit the bacon to say 2 times a week :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Attitude Adjustment

Week 12 round 2 went better than expected. Thursday I did wake early to hit up the treadmill but not early enough. Added to the unexpected stop 2 miles in to race up to the 3rd floor room I had to cut the room. Plus my zoning out treadmill skills were not working. The break helped, just not enough to motivate me through to the full 8. 6.25 miles instead. Eh it was something right?!?

This weekend ended up being an excellent running weekend despite my attitude. I've been in a serious need of an attitude adjustment especially related to my want and desire to train. The thought of taking one step started to annoy me. The work travel and being burned out with that has played a significant role in this attitude. Don't you just love when unhappy work thoughts seep into the rest of your life???

Saturday morning I had 14 miles planned. I woke up feeling exhausted and went back to sleep for a few more hours. By the time I rolled out of bed the thought of running repulsed me. I dug deep and convinced myself to run the 5 easy miles the schedule originally stated. 2 miles into the run out of nowhere I felt the shitty mood lift (literally!) and I started immensely enjoying my slow, easy speed on a gorgeous Saturday morning (nearly afternoon). I returned home a new woman :) Sunday morning found me having a repeat of Saturday morning. Around 9:15 am I pulled myself out of my comfy bed and started haphazardly preparing for the long run. I was concerned about going out so late but luckily not too much heat and humidity today! While warm it wasn't uncomfortable. Yea for cooperative summer weather! The first 3 miles I was very whatever about the whole run. After mile 3 someone hit the switch and I had a very enjoyable remaining 11 miles. Even the frustrating tourists around Navy Pier who walked 4 across not allowing anyone to pass easily couldn't make me upset for too long.

The first official week ended up well! 35 scheduled and I managed 34.25 miles. I hope they all can work out in my favor but am realistic that with my travel packed (for work and going back to Ohio for my dad) August they may not. I just need to continue to be flexible and do what I can!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Sooooooo... last week around this time I may have mentioned I had 12 weeks left until Chicago. Well, I have never claimed to be very good at math :) This week happens to be the 12 week mark! I probably wouldn't even have noticed for some time had aron never left a comment asking if I started a week early. Thanks aron!!! I would still be trucking along and goodness knows when I would have noticed I miscounted the weeks. It works a little better this way since I didn't get the miles in last week I needed. So I had an extra week of base building and I try week 12 over again!

I started out Tuesday with a 9 miler at a 9:43 min/mile avg. I tried to focus on taking it nice and easy since I hadn't run in 4 days! I had plans to run 8 miles with 10x100 this afternoon when I reached my 2nd hotel for the week. However I changed to cross-training/weights after staying up late to finish past due trip reports. The new plan is to wake early Thursday and hit up the treadmill before work. Unfortunately I stay in a medical district surrounded by expressways and no sidewalks to run; the treadmill it is for 8!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Back to your Regularly Scheduled Program...

And I'm back! What a long, fun weekend in Denver but it is nice to be home. Even if it is for the night. Thanks to AA miles I was able to fly first class out to Denver. The hubs got upgraded and we had ourselves a nice flight that included a few airline red wines. The guys had to leave on their trip straight away so Jancie and I sat around catching up before heading out for a walk then taking in a late dinner at a local pub that offered free beer while you wait!

For Friday we decided to do a 1/2 day white water raft in Idaho Springs on Clear Creek. I've never been rafting so my friend thought the advanced option would be perfect.
almost ready to raft! class IV here I come!
Although it was around 85 degrees and not a cloud in the sky the river was running a cool 36 degrees. Therefore wetsuits were mandatory. However the place didn't offer booties, had none to buy in my size, and I only had flip flops which would be no use if I went in. So a guide had a macgyver option that included a little duct tape.
These awesome babies stayed put after being dumped while trying to go down the corkscrew waterfall. The fall is also known as the 50/50. The raft ahead of us was 100% and our raft of 6 had 4 of us go swimming. It is all a blur; I do remember that I got caught under the raft but was able to surface before I truly freaked. Then I turned myself around to float feet first instead of head first as I had come up. Shortly after that the guide saw me and pulled me in the raft. Miraculously I did not hit a rock which is impressive for me! Regardless of the little swimming excursion rafting was a lot of fun and am looking forward to going again. Later that day we laid by the pool and treated ourselves to a much needed mani/pedi. We had a late dinner then decided to try D Bar Desserts. We took an oreo cupcake to go so we could have some sweets with our wine at the Wine Loft.

Saturday we got a late start so after a yummy brunch we decided to take it easy and hit up a local farmers market where I picked up some more desserts. A fabulous cherry almond cupcake and blueberry lemon bar! Our farmer market finds were much better than fancy schmancy cupcake from the night before. So delicious! In the early afternoon Jancie decided she wanted to take me on an "intermediate" Shadow Canyon Trail/South Boulder peak.
Intermediate my ass Jancie! I seriously thought I was going to die. I saw my heart jumping out of my chest and I sweated through my clothes in about 20 minutes. Although I'm very proud I didn't give up (even though I nearly did) or complain too much ;)
About 20 minutes into the hike and feeling good
It took about 2 hours for me to get to the summit at 9,000 ft. I felt sick for the last 45 minutes but after we reached this view and found a flat rock to sit, snack, and take it all in I felt much better. I also realized that while it seemed to take forever it didn't feel like 2 hours had passed. Weird!

self portrait time

We ended up staying in Saturday night after our adventurous and tiring hike. Jancie made me dinner and we watched a girlie movie. Sunday we wrapped our weekend up with much deserved massages and shopping! The perfect way to end girls weekend before the guys returned.

So no, I did not run but I did get some quality cross-training done this weekend. There were big plans to do something today when we got back but I made excuses all day then opted for Indian food and Harry Potter. Tuesday will be my Monday and I have big plans to return to my schedule work, running, and blog commenting!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday Wrap-up

My work week is over! Yay! Of course I didn't finish everything I need to but I'm hoping that all comes together before I leave tomorrow. Yes, you read that right, I am leaving again! For a little girls weekend in the mile high city! I'm so excited!!! Now I just need to find the energy and desire to pack. The boys have this annual golf trip they plan in Colorado so I decided to use my miles on crappy american airlines to also fly to Denver to hang with my friend (the wifey) of the golf trip planner. I haven't been out there with just us girls so it will be a nice change. I know there will be a lot of cross training happening in the form of hiking, yoga, and pedicures with wine (yes this is cross training ;) ) but not sure how much running will be happening. My friend (a Boston qualifier!) never made it to the big event thanks to injuries and has been told recently to lay off the running. Maybe I can convince her to bike while I attempt to get a few miles done. I'll be playing that by ear. But since we are leaving Thursday it screws up training (yet again!). Oh well, when you travel as much as I do you need to be flexible!

Our flight is around noon and I knew there would be no way in hell I would wake up early enough to get 13 miles done (w/ 8 at marathon race pace). Thus the mid-long run happened tonight. I'm happy to report I made it through the 13 this week! There were moments of bliss and moments of not so much bliss but I got 'er done. I did not complete the 8 at race pace thanks to the heat, humidity, and blow you over wind happening but I did 6 around the race pace so I'm happy. I tried berry Zym and black cherry new shot bloks tonight (see a berry theme? I love me some cherries and berries). Zym is similar to Nuun but I have to say I enjoy the zym a little better. It may have been because of the flavor nuun I picked up a few weeks ago. It's my first experience so we'll see how it goes a couple more times out before I recommend. But for the first time I'm very happy. Not so happy with the black cherry shot bloks thanks to a weird after taste. I also decided to forgo the gatorade as my stomach has been a mess lately as well as experimenting with fueling with the bloks earlier and more often. I did much better tonight and no stomach issues mid or post run! Wahoo! I hope to get out there tomorrow morning before the flight for some recovery miles as I am a little (a lot) sore right now. Although the Goose Island Summertime is helping :)

Thursday is also a big day for Fred (aka dad). He has his first chemo treatment at the Cleveland Clinic. The first treatment will last around 8 hours and he needs to stay overnight. Apparently after the first chemo infusion the cancer cells get over excited and release a lot of uric acid into the blood; which he already has thanks to the blood cancer. That could lead to an all system failure if he's not receiving a constant saline drip, monitoring, and some other drugs so he needs stay overnight. Luckily it's just for the first treatment. Then fingers crossed there are only 4 more treatments after that. If cancer cells remain after the 5th treatment he needs 3 more. So he could be done by early October or late December.

Here's a couple of pictures from last weekend. We were all matchy patchy on Friday night. I called him before I left to see what he was wearing :)
The man loves his Coors Light what can I say?!?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Constantly Leaving on Jet Planes

July is turning into a crazy travel month. I returned to Chicago from Ohio Sunday night for a full 16 hours before leaving for Birmingham, Alabama. I am only home for 1 day this week. Yikes!

So running... Yes, I am supposed to be in training. This time around my heart hasn't been in it as much and life is happening to get in the way as it tends to do! Last Friday I did miraculously woke early with every intention of running 14 miles. 4 miles into the run I was really struggling mentally and feeling physically sluggish. I realized that thanks to my morning lolly gagging I would not be back in time for my morning teleconference. At this point I made the decision to knock it down to 12. At the turnaround I realized my hip and my attitude were not going to get me to 12. Around 9 miles I called my husband and asked him to come get me at the 10 mile mark. Yes I may have run 10 miles but it was not my best showing. I was really disappointed with myself but glad I got something done before catching my flight home. As usual no running happened over the weekend in Ohio.

Sunday night I realized this week is 12 weeks until Chicago. Wow!!! Were does time go? I had a feeling life would get in the way of the longer plan so I already had plans to switch to the 12 week Pfitz plan. Monday kicked off with 8 miles with a 10 x 100m. I was able to get it done before my flight but I had only 30 minutes to shower, get ready, find some lunch (I've been absolutely famished lately! I've nicknamed the my stomach noises the terdactyl), and finish packing, before leaving for the airport! It was close but I made it!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Thursday

While in Dallas this week I noticed an interesting store on my way to the site. I took a double take as I passed Condoms To Go on the corner of a busy intersection... I tried to take a picture on my phone for proof but that didn't work out so well. whaddyaknow they have a website and several locations.

You know I may be a little out of touch but when one decides to make the condom purchase how many are not "to go"? I can't imagine take some some fruity-flavored-glow-in-the-dark-plastic wrappers to the register they ask you if they are for here or to go like mickey d's. Never mind I don't want to know.

After sleeping later than I had planned Tuesday I snuck in an 8 miler before catching my flight. I attempted a tempo run and only managed 2 1/2 miles at a 8:45 min/mile average instead of the desired 4. I'm not going feel bad because it was hot and my first tempo attempt since starting training back up again.

Since it was 100 degrees in Dallas I took my recovery run indoors on Weds night. I was able to pull 5 miles out of somewhere. The room was disgustingly warm but luckily the mill had a tv so I could watch all the NCIS and CSI my heart desired. Plus a crazy hail storm came during the run and although slightly destructive, very cool to watch as well as be glad I wasn't caught in it.
I was scheduled for 10 today but seeing as it is 8 something and I just walked in the door and haven't had dinner I will forgo. Plus I think I may try to wake up early (gasp!) and run long before heading to Ohio. We shall see. I tend to plan/say that a lot and then sleep wins.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The long weekend end is near

It was nice having Monday after the 4th off of work. Added bonus - a much nicer day outside than Friday :) Not much happening on my day off; slept in (of course), went to lunch with the hubbie, made a much needed trip to a nearly empty Target (over $200 later on what I'm not sure), laundry, worked out, and read my Runner's World on the front porch. Overall a nice day off after a fun weekend. I love long weekends!

Once again I found myself putting off the long run. It took until Sunday night to lace up the shoes. Both Friday and Saturday found us "partying" in the suburbs. More like sitting around drinking in the suburbs on decks and patios. Friday night we went to see our friends new gorgeous home. Since we were celebrating the holiday and the new place I may or may not have mixed beer, champagne, and margaritas. oye... not a good idea. Saturday I woke up early but decided to forgo the long run until Sunday morning thanks to the mixture from the night before and the crappy weather. Instead I tried out the suggested at home strength workout in the Advance Marathoning book because I didn't want to be a total lazy bum. I worked up a sweat but didn't find it impossible/unable to finish while performing the exercises which had me feeling good.

Saturday afternoon we headed out to our other friends place in the 'burbs and had some delicious ribs as well as a few more beers and intense games of bags (in the drizzle) and bananagrams. Bananagrams only sounds dirty ;) Another late night had me waking up even later on Sunday. I felt fine after drinking however my butt muscles were BURNING! Here I was thinking the at home strength training from A.M. wasn't too bad and I find myself in pain less than 24 hours later. Guess I worked some muscles I haven't been hitting at the gym!

After putting planned 13 miles off all weekend I finally headed out around 4:30 pm on Sunday. The weather was nice however trying to dodge all the people wrapping up their holiday celebrations along the lakefront was not so nice. I had absolutely no problems keeping the long slow pace thanks to my delayed onset soreness and general lethargy from the weekend. I felt relatively good the first 6 miles then my butt started to burn. Never again will I do new strength training moves the day before a long run! I also tried clif shot bloks for the first time. Much nicer on the tummy than gels and the cran-raz is pretty dang tasty as far as gels/blocks go. I was happy they were easy to chew and didn't get stuck on my teeth like the luna moons. I'm looking forward to see how they treat me on the longer distances.

Tuesday is back to the weekly grind. Headed down to Dallas for the week, back to Chicago for a night then home to Cleveland on Friday to visit my dad. It's going to be a long, short week :)

Friday, July 3, 2009


Thank you everyone for keeping my dad and family in your thoughts!  It is much appreciated.  The news today has my dad feeling better.  The doctors believe it is stage 3 because of the aggressiveness of the cancer cells but they believe it is highly treatable form and possibly curable.  He has another appointment on Tuesday at the Cleveland Clinic then should be starting chemo either next week or the week after.  


I believe nearly every single person has today off from work.  My company doesn't like to go with the norm apparently and we have Monday off.  So random.  I would rather have today to get ready for the weekend.  Regardless it is a long weekend either way so that is good.  And at least it is a quiet day with everyone not working and I can catch up on some things (and possibly leave early).  

The cold is still lingering around - ugh.  Even with this junk I was able to get 2 days of cross-training done the past 2 days and I am hoping to get out for a short easy run today and longer run tomorrow.  I'm itching to get back out there especially since the temps have been cooler.  

Happy 4th of July!  Have a fantastic weekend and be safe!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bad News

I know this is supposed to be primarily a running blog and lately there hasn't been a whole lot of running talk happening thanks to this sickness that won't end.  I tend to find away around the running talk by having the blog also titled "and some sauce on top" which refers to all the other stuff in life, usually "good stuff - sauce on top".   Monday afternoon on my way out the door to go to the airport I received some "bad stuff" news.  I want to put out here because honestly I don't know how else do deal and it will help explain my stressed out kind of life the next xxx months.  

My dad has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.  We don't know what stage yet as he has a few more tests to undergo and another meeting with the Cleveland Clinic oncologists on Tuesday after the holiday.  The news comes right at a time in which his wife (my step mom) is in breast cancer remission but still undergoing reconstruction surgeries as well as follow up care treatment.  At least he has someone in his life who has been there once the chemo treatments start.  

It's going to be difficult.  It already is difficult.  He's the one parent my sis and I have.  I live 6 hours away and travel for my job so going home to spend time with my dad and help out only throws a wrench into the whole situation.  I know I'll make it work but it's a lot to handle right now.  If you can send positive thoughts my dads way.  Every little bit helps right now.