Thursday, September 6, 2007

Not happening today

It just wasn't going to happen. I had my running clothes laid out, bottle of gatorade ready to go, and alarm set for 5:45 am all for a 5 mile run before work. Unfortunately, I had issues with sleeping last night - falling asleep, staying asleep, the whole process just wasn't happening for me. Then the annoying hotel beeping alarm woke me in the middle of a good dream too. You know the one, it starts out all slow and slightly annoying until you can't find the button to hit snooze and it quickly beeps faster and louder until it is so obnoxious you want to throw it out the window. Well that's how I feel about it anyways! The overall point is I value my sleep a lot more especially when I didn't get much in the first place and opted to reset the annoying alarm for an hour and a half later. So no running for me today. So another unexpected change in the training schedule but it's okay I'll run back in Chicago tomorrow outside in the cool temperature of 73 degrees when I'm better rested.