Sunday, August 26, 2007

What a beautiful (Chicago) day!

Don't let it get away...What a beautiful day indeed! 75 and sunny with a slight breeze; it doesn't get any better in Chicago than it was today! No running today, instead J and I took a bike ride along the lakefront after running very exciting errands (like ordering a screen door and buying a new closet at the Home Depot). At least we finally decided what backsplash we want to put up in our kitchen.
Tonight we went to my most favorite mexican restaurant in the city for dinner - El Mariachi. The best / most authentic there is...It used to be just a little hole in the wall restaurant that no one knew of and we could get a table no matter what day of the week. However, no more. They opened a new, trendier version down the street on broadway and now it is packed every night. Ugh. But I love the food so I just wait for a table. I have to say that tonight it was worth it yet again.