Wednesday, August 29, 2007

home again for this week anyways

I'm home, yeah! At least for the next 5 1/2 days. Reason's I like to be home include but aren't limited to:

  • relaxing with my kitten Maggie (when she's not running around like a crazy)
  • sleeping in my own bed
  • catching up on my DVR
  • running outside on the lakefront
  • seeing my b/f J (he travels for work too and not to the same places I do)
  • not having to eat on the run or in an airport
  • seeing my friends

So yeah I like to be home...

I know that the southeast is humid and disgustingly hot this time of year and the best place to be is in the air conditioning. It annoys me to no end that every building/car/bus has it so its colder than a witches tit (I really don't know how cold that is but I think the saying is hilarious). Seriously, I shouldn't have to carry a coat with me to Florida in August but what do you know I do. Problem was I rushed around Monday and forgot it so I was shaking with goosebumps all day at work today in a sleep lab. I wanted to rip the covers off the bed and wrap up in it but that would be unprofessional now wouldn't it??? I seriously considered it though.

I traveled this evening (on United the best airline for business travelers) and didn't have time to stop for dinner instead I had to purchase a "delicious" smart pack for $5 on the flight so I woke up early for my run again. Day 2 early a.m. start was more difficult than day 1 early a.m. start. A 5 mile pace run on the treadmill today. Once I warmed up, aka woke up, I had a good pace for nearly 4 miles; around 9 min miles which is a good pace for me. It does feel good to get the run done first thing but it turns into a long, tiring day by 1pm.

I give all you southeastern/hot weather runners props. I could not wake up early every day to run when its cooler. And by cooler I mean 80 and humid instead of later when it might be 95 degrees and humid. But I see you out there trudging along, looking like you just jumped in the ocean b/c the sweat can't evaporate. I feel for you but I am also impressed and inspired.