Friday, August 24, 2007

Treadmill Dance

Last night I could not bring myself to run the full 8 miles on the treadmill. It might have been a more bearable if my gym would put in tv's. Oh well. It was hot, miserable, and a bit smelly. What is it with the huge weightlifting/muscle boys who feel the need to put on disgusting cologne instead of some deodorant?!? I really will never understand!

Saturday (or Sunday if the storms don't stop) is my long run of only 13 miles - I am actually looking forward to it! The running on treadmills all week has made me excited for running outside along the lakefront! Even if it's at 7am!

I realized I just said ONLY 13 miles. Like hey 13 miles is nothing. How many people can say that they can run (or in my case jog at a medium pace) that far?!? I am not dismissing 13 miles by an meansbut at this point of my training it is pretty amazing what my body can accomplish. And after 18 miles last Sunday a half marathon doesn't seem so bad.

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