Thursday, November 29, 2007

Crazy Dream

Oh my I just had the craziest dream. It was incredibly vivid and I actually remember most of it. I was wherever (no idea) but getting ready to run my second marathon. I have this feeling that I am in the wrong race and realize at the start that I am. Then we start running and there is this ridiculously huge grass hill that is so steep we have to climb it; can't even run and the race just started. So I say screw this and go find my race (like there would be two marathons close by the same day but whatever it's a dream). So I was instantly transported to the start of the race I had signed up for. Which I come to find out is not your normal race. The marathon was more of a experiment. Instead of a loop or a straight race all the mile crossed over one another and there were mile signs to follow. And you had to go underground and through rooms it was weird. So I kept getting confused and repeating and/or missing miles. Then I ran into some people I knew so we all tried to figure it out together. That didn't work out they seemed to know less than me. Then I looked at my watch as saw that I was nearing 4 hours and I was only on mile 7. I finally finished something like 12 hours later and I was so upset. I didn't even accept the medal because I was depressed that the race didn't turn out as I expected and wasn't fun.

So I think I have some nerves about the upcoming marathon in Dallas :) what do you guys think?!?

On a running note I had a good speed workout yesterday. I wasn't even supposed to be home but got done with work early and caught an earlier flight. I opted for the treadmill not really because of the weather but more because I didn't want to run on a dark track or on a dark trail. So it was a 3x1600 at 8:00 w/ 800 jogs and a warmup and cooldown. 8:00 is really pushing for me and it didn't feel good. But I guess speedwork is about pushing yourself to an uncomfortable level. Anyways, I did it! On the 2nd 1600 I had to put it back down to an 8:05 for the second half. But on the last 1600 I went down to a 7:47 for nearly the whole last 800! Tonight I am supposed to do an easy 7. I may push it off until tomorrow. There is some Christmas shopping I want to do and may be going to dinner for sushi :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Last Trip (maybe)

Getting ready to leave on what potentially might be the last business trip of this year! I'm not going to get too excited yet because things (such as my manager's prerogative or study time lines) could always change. But as of Weds, Nov 28th at 6:15 I officially have nothing else on the calendar in the way of work travel. wahoo! But my running schedule is all messed up this week because of this short trip. I'm trying not to get too stressed about everything being all mixed up/fitting everything in for the week. Just before lunch today I was able to get in the "easy" 7 miles I had on the schedule. They didn't feel so easy but I maintained a decent pace. I wasn't really looking at the watch too much...just didn't have the energy to lift my arm to look at it. It was one of those runs that I just wasn't really feeling it but I wanted to get it done. It lacked all excitement and enjoyment. Lately that has been happening. I am sure it is both a combination of general burnout from this long training schedule and my poor food choices. I am trying to get back on track with the food this week - I even packed my own dinner to take on the plane (okay there maybe a cookie in with the apple and turkey sandwich). Hopefully that will make the difference in a couple of weeks...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy to Finally be Home

Hope everyone is full on turkey and pumpkin pie! I know I am. In fact I just polished off leftover turkey sandwich - yummy.

This seemed like the longest weekend EVER. I seriously thought it was never going to end. It is hard going away for every holiday. I couldn't get a minute to myself to decompress. Family is great but it wasn't mine (at the boyfriends house all 4 days) and I need some downtime. All I wanted to do was come home and sleep in my own bed and not have to do anything. So I am very happy to be home now. Running according to the schedule became a challenge this long weekend too. There was always something else to be doing, someone to see, somewhere to go.

Turkey day I was able to get out for a 6 mile run before the food eating competition began. I felt so much better sitting down to the huge spread knowing I burned some calories already. I had planned to run between 16-18 on Saturday but what do ya know but the boy's parents had a night out for a big steak dinner planned on Friday (yeah and I rarely eat steak and we had just had a steak dinner the previous weekend). Seriously two huge meals in two days not my idea of fun and I like to eat. So needless to say halfway through dinner Friday I nixed plans on running Saturday. Instead I helped rake all the leaves in the yard as Jacob's dad messed up his back and couldn't do it himself. Got home today around 3 pm and headed out for that long run. Thought I would be a mess after taking 2 rest days but I wasn't! It was a good run. Freaking cold with some snow, sleet, rain mixed in. The rain/snow mix felt like tiny pinpricks on my face for over 6 miles and my cheeks felt like I just had two shots of Novocain that hadn't worn off yet. My legs felt strong and I was able to maintain a 9:30 min/mile pace for all 16 miles. I was feeling very guilty about resting for 2 straight days and there only being 2 weeks left before the race. However, during the run I realized I needed the rest and didn't even know it. So that unplanned rest worked in my favor this time.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Temp run, Traveling, and Thanks

I made it home and not as late as I expected. Yeah! But then I stayed up much too late running around unpacking, repacking, doing laundry. boo! We are leaving today to head back to Jacob's parents house for the weekend. So the fun begins in trying to get two runs done in the middle of nowhere, trying not to eat too much, and dealing with his mom give me the guilt trip about not having 2nd and 3rd helping for running and whatever else she can think of to give me a guilt trip about. It should be interesting as it is my first Thanksgiving with his side of the family. For the past 5 years we have split up and I drive home to hang with my sister and go shopping. But now I am told I am not allowed to shop this weekend. WHAT?!? I have been shopping this weekend since before I could walk there ain't no stopping me now.

But before the 3 hours car ride (which will probably be longer due to the date and the wonderful weather) I got a tempo run done. I was hoping to head outside but the cold and rain and overall nastiness had me headed to the gym instead. The schedule had me doing a 8 mile run with 6 miles at 8:43. I wasn't so confident I could pull this one off but I am happy to report I did! I had more miles logged in between 8:35 and 8:41 than the upper tier of 8:50 and I maintained it for 6 miles. Wahoo! On the car ride home I was thinking all that I was thankful for and besides my awesome family and friends and being healthy again I am thankful for you guys. Everyone out there who reads, comments, and provides endless support and inspiration. Thank you!

Okay now I am running seriously behind schedule and need to jet. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Enjoy the long weekend with family and friends!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


No workout today. Instead I am stuck in the Fort Lauderdale airport. Yep, that's right it's the holidays so it could only mean one thing for a busy traveler - DELAYS! Normally I would be enjoying a week long vacation because I always take the 3 days off prior to Thanksgiving. But nooooooo...I was denied because of some lovely project timelines. Blah. So hopefully I get home tonight. If I do it's going to late which is fine and instead of dinner at home my choices are a turkey sandwich made sometime last week or pulled pork and ribs. :) At least the people watching is prime in this airport!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Crappy weekend run and such

Great weekend with the exception of the working out / running. After such an amazing run Thursday I followed it up with the crappiest long run Saturday morning. It took everything to get through that run. First, I dressed to warmly and wore the completely wrong shirt. I tried new fuel and it was disgusting. My feet felt like cement blocks and legs like there were sand bags attached. But I finished.

Saturday night friends of ours from Denver who were in town visiting family and came to the city to hang out. For the first time in over year the whole group got together. Had a delicious dinner, good stories, lots of champagne and wine. Lots. My friend Janice kept saying "have another glass its my birthday". How could I not oblige the birthday girl?!? So there was no workout on Sunday. Yeah I won't be doing that again any time soon :) I'm on my best behavior until Dec 9th.

Friday, November 16, 2007

A great run and random 5

Last night I had a great run. I was ecstatic when I got home. Jacob (the sort of runner) didn't really get it. Yesterday was cold, like high of 37 degrees cold. I didn't get out for the run into 4:30 so it was dark and cold. No way was I taking the 7 miles easy. I didn't want to be in the cold any longer than I had to be. I upped the effort to where I pushed myself but knew I could still maintain the pace. Even with my stupid water bottle belt that wouldn't stay put I completed the run in under 63 minutes. That's averaging less than a 9 minute mile for 7 miles. That's awesome for me. I haven't done that since, well, it's been a long time. Even when I felt like I had slowed down I continued to run the same or faster miles.

And about my travel schedule. I do travel a lot. I can't do my job of reviewing data unless I am actually at the doctors office, hospital, clinic, etc where the subjects (patients) are seen. I have been doing this for 6 years on Dec 3rd (crazy). Over the years I learned how to make the workout fit in the schedule or otherwise I would become the chunky monkey I once was not too long ago. Sometimes it doesn't happen b/c seriously I hate waking up early or I'm just too tired from traveling for 89348730 hours. And eating is the most difficult because you eat out all three meals and there aren't that many healthy options. A girl can only eat Subway so many times for lunch over 6 years. I just try to eat less of whatever sounds good on the menu. And sometimes I don't so then I run/elliptical/bike/sit-up/push-up extra longer. It's a constant battle. And I've gained weight since I first started. At least it's nothing compared to what I used to be. I am looking forward to the day I am going to be home 90% of the time rather than the road 90% of the time.

Alright I was tagged a couple days ago by Amanda. Ever since I have been thinking about 5 random things about here we go.

1) I am named after a Canadian waitress. My parents traveled to Niagara Falls while my mother was pregnant with me and had a waitress they liked named Jamie at some random restaurant. I was the only girl Jamie growing up. Plus that show Small Wonder (where the sister was a robot) the brother's name was Jamie. So I thought I had a boy's name and I hated it. I don't mind so much now :)

2) I auditioned for a Nike girls basketball commercial when I was a freshman in college. I got called back but my bad foot (I broke a bone in my foot that was later removed) prevented me from getting the part. I felt bad about it (definitely could have used the money!) until I saw the commercial and realized it sucked. There was supposed to be a series of commercials it didn't get past 2.

3) I love going to the movies. I'll see nearly anything once and I save all my ticket stubs. One day I'll do something crafty with them or pay someone who is crafty to figure it out.

4) I have an obsession with not smelling; therefore I have 6 different deodorants in the bathroom. Plus, I have one in my work bag and one in the car glove compartment. You just never know...

5) I have the mouth of a trucker. I love to curse. I know it's not lady-like but sometimes it is completely necessary.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

traveling fool

Sitting here chilling in my sweet hotel room watching The Biggest Loser. Okay, it's not a sweet hotel room; just the same old Hampton Inn I always stay in Atlanta. But a girl can dream. Watching the biggest loser is making me feel guilty about my meal choices today, especially dinner.

Work is crazy right now. I am a traveling fool until Nov 28th. In Atlanta this week, Pembroke Pines, FL next week, then back to Atlanta. Then December is mine to catch up on everything I couldn't do the rest of the year! No traveling! Well unless you count the marathon and going home for Christmas. If I travel because I want to it doesn't count.

The schedule has me on an "easy" week. Monday I ran 5 miles on the treadmill. The last mile I did hill repeats. Decided just to throw those in and they seriously kicked my butt! Definitely going to be working on that more often. Then I ran the stairs back up to the hotel room. Overall a good workout. Today I moved up my workout that was supposed to be for tomorrow because of what else but travel. It was supposed to be 7 miles but I did 6 miles on the treadmill. I'll probably make up that mile running outside on Saturday.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Weekend Wrap-up

So Fred (that's my dad) calls Friday morning at 9:05 a.m.

Fred: "We are thinking about coming to visit this weekend"
Me: "This weekend, this weekend as in today???"
Fred: "Well tomorrow morning but yeah, you know to do some shopping"
Me: "Seriously?!? Um, well, thanks for the notice see you tomorrow I guess"

Fast forward 2 hours to me frantically cleaning my house and catching up on 2 weeks of laundry. Luckily I didn't have a full day of work or weekend plans. Well I did have plans so they had to be cancelled. No big deal. it's family. Plus when family comes to visit you eat delicious meals at nice restaurants :) Unfortunately it also meant walking around Michigan Avenue on a Saturday during the holidays in the cold. Love those crowds.

Saturday morning was my 20 mile training run. Haven't done one of those, since, well...the Chicago Fun Run. I'm not even sure if I made it to 20 then (I think I did). I knew I could finish but I can't tell ya I wasn't nervous. It was freaking freezing once I got my butt out of the warm bed and out the door. It is getting more difficult to complete the Saturday morning long runs with the colder weather and leaving a warm bed. Only 3 more Saturday's before race day - then warm bed I'm here I come. I started my cool down just as Fred called to say they were on Lakeshore drive. Nice timing. Especially since I he gave me no idea as to when to expect him and the wifey.

The run itself - not so bad. Another long run and my left hip continued to hurt like hell. And for the majority of the run. At mile 4.5 I was bored and started doing math to help pass the time. There is something about running and math, I just can't do them at the same time. At mile 10 I felt like I could have finished a marathon. It was good running weather and I was feeling like an incredible superstar runner. Maybe it was the new snack I tried at mile 10 that gave me this false sense of running security. I tried the new Luna Blueberry Moons (energy chews). I recommend them highly. They are easy to eat on the run and provide just as much energy as
GU. At mile 12.5 I was thinking hmm...not so much. Then at 18 and 19 I felt better than I did at 15 and 16. Even posted faster miles. Overall I averaged 9:51 min/mile. Definitely not a stellar time but I'll take it.

I'm still sore today. I am in the process of trying to motivate myself to go to the gym for some cross training action. We'll see...the couch and my dvr are calling to me too :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Step 1 admitting I have an addiction

Well to many things, but this week it happens to be bite size Take 5 candy bars. I...just...can't...stop...eating...them. The chocolate, peanut butter, pretzel yummy goodness. The bag is almost empty in only 4 days (because I keep walking in the kitchen for water and grab just 1). This is the problem with working from home! I solemnly swear to never buy a bag of Halloween candy after Halloween because they are on super sale and I am craving chocolate and peanut butter. And I was so good leading up to the holiday. It's those after holiday sales, they always get me.

On the training schedule today was a 7 mile tempo run with 5 miles at 8:44. I did better and actually averaged an 8:25 min/mile. I am happy with that but I now need to start working on maintaining the speed throughout the entire tempo run. I started out too fast and definitely slowed that last mile and a half. I also need to start working on hill training. There are two good size hills in marathon take 2 and I am going to crash and burn if I am not prepared.

Tonight is Mexican dinner with the girls. My friend kicked butt in the Marine Marathon (her first and only) a couple weeks ago and we finally found some time to get together and celebrate. Looking forward to seeing friends. I haven't seen one of the girls (one of my old roomies) in nearly 6 months, I think since our other friend got engaged and we got together to celebrate. It is crazy how fast time goes by and before you know it you haven't spoken to someone in 6 months or a year. But luckily no one has a meeting, I'm not traveling (thanks to Jury Duty), others found a babysitter, and ta da we can all get together for some yummy guacamole and a margarita. My revolves around food. Seriously, I think I need help :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Civic Duty

Today I performed my civic duty as stated by the constitution. Yes, I was summoned for jury duty. Luckily, I was called to the downtown courthouse instead of the huge courthouse on the west side. Downtown is much easier for me to get to, you get to leave for lunch, and they deal mostly with civil trials. Here they have the 1 day or 1 jury then you are off the hook for 1 year system. The group I was in was called around 9:30 am. I didn't get picked - thank goodness. After having a lawyer for my father I have seen and heard about more than my fair share of trials. Unfortunately, I was told I was not chosen around noon but had to stay until 3:30pm to see if I would be called to be a juror in traffic court. So boring! I sat in this artificial, white room for the next 3 1/2 hours. The book I recently picked up is just not good. No matter how bored I was I still could not read. I just sat and stared at the ceiling.

Made it home around 4:30, changed into some warm running clothes, and headed back out for an easy 5 mile run. Now that it turns dark at 4:30 I was pretty much alone on the path. It was a bit unnerving where the lights weren't working but otherwise a good run.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's official

I have made my final decision... The money is paid and it's official... I will be running the Wellstone's Dallas White Rock Marathon December 9th. 5 weeks until take 2.

Today was my long run of 15 miles. Got it done in just under 2 1/2 hours. These long runs are wearing me down mentally. It takes every last thing I've got to get out of the bed early and do the run. I guess it doesn't help that is now so cold in the mornings. Today's run was a wavering feeling between being happy to be out there to wondering why the heck am I continuing this training. The weather was nice running weather since I went out a bit later than usual (had to watch the finish of the U.S Men's Olympic Trials) it was cool but sunny. My left quad and hip are still giving me problems. Minor aches that turn to full blown stiffness and pain by mile 12. Otherwise an uneventful run and uneventful running is good!

In other news, had a nice date night Friday. Tried a new Italian restaurant by the movie theatre. The restaurant really wasn't that good which is really disappointing because the online reviews gave me such high hopes. Which reminds me I know need to go put my 2 cents in on that website :) We then caught American Gangster. Definitely a must see. Graphic violence so not for the little ones. But of course there was some parents there at a 9:40 movie with a 3 year old in tow. I will never understand...

Best of luck to all the NYC runners on Sunday!!!