Friday, February 29, 2008

Long Week

Happy Leap Day - and what did you all do with your extra day this year? Me I sat in an airport for 3/4 of the day. What a week people! I am finally home from the whirlwind travel week of 4 visits in 4 different cities. Today had to be the longest day. I woke around 5 a.m to catch my 8 a.m flight to Detroit. Of course I didn't print my ticket the night before (because I didn't actually start getting ready for bed until 11pm). Sure as s*** every single kiosk was broken. I had to stand in line to check in for the first time in over a year. At least the stressed agent moved my seat up a couple of rows. Then I show up in Detroit and what do you know it's snowing which isn't so bad but Hertz tried to give me a Ford Mustang. Ha ha so not happening. Why do they even have Mustang's available in Michigan in winter anyways? Luckily there were some 4 wheel drive vehicles on the lot for a small upgrade fee. Then I drove over an hour each way for a 40 minute face-to-face visit. Sat in the airport and instead of being healthy I treated myself to a margarita and tacos. Finally arrived back home at 7pm. But I'm finally home with no foreseeable travel in the near future. But there is always the chance of last minute trips. But maybe I'll get lucky and can get back to running (this is a running blog I swear) and life in general. I'm looking forward to getting it done this weekend - 50 degrees on Sunday! Then back to 30 Monday. But I'll take it no matter how brief right now.

Oh and the family wedding drama begins. But I'll have to save that entertainment for another night. Plus I am sure it will escalate and make an even better story. But to give you some background...My mom passed away 4 1/2 years ago. My dad re-married last May. My sister doesn't like the "step mom". It goes a lot deeper but I'm not willing to go into all the dirty details. Anyways I wasn't a huge fan of the situation and I wasn't always sure of her intentions but she makes him happy and I have to deal with it the best a grown child can so I put on a happy face and deal. It's not that bad just uncomfortable at times. Anyways there is a lot of opportunity for new family drama when trying to plan wedding events! yeah!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I wish I could relax

I'll be happy when every weekend isn't packed with doing stuff for the wedding and general crap I couldn't get done during the week. I just want to relax! Another busy weekend on the home front and of course none of it involved running. The whole running Chicago Marathon 2008 is not looking so good. Let's see I had a crazy Saturday of trying on bridesmaid dresses with 2 of the 4 girls standing up in my wedding. We found a potential dress but of course it is over $200. So I have to check in with my Internet sites to try and get a better deal. If that doesn't work = back to the drawing board. Unfortunately I am running a bit short on time. I would love to say donezo but I am trying to be nice and get a deal for all my girls.

Next I had to get my eyes checked. What an expensive process. I really need to invest in Lasix. Honestly, I was going to do the surgery this year but thanks wedding not so much. So instead I just spent $550 on an eye exam, new glasses and a year of new contacts. Although I do love the new contacts. Not a fan of my new glasses though. I felt pressured to make a decision. At least they aren't as bad as the ones I picked out in 3rd and 6th grade. Both very horrible decisions (though I thought hot pink speckled pair and bright blue pair you were awesome back in the day). Currently I just go for the think black nerdy pair of glasses or as some refer to sexy librarian. Either way my prescription is so bad I have to get the thick frames to sort of hide the thick lenses. Very hot.

This week finds me crazy busy once again - traveling 4 days out of 5. But I am looking at March (and at my 29th bday coming in 2 short weeks - ahh!) and there doesn't seem to be much right now thankfully. Except a couple cake tastings - yummy! March is my month to get back in the swing of things running wise. I promise it is going to happen. I was looking at myself in the mirror today while trying on new glasses - it has to happen. Double chin action not so good. Oh man I just want it to warm up a bit around here!

And friends if you haven't seen Vantage Point and you have an interest I say see it! We went to a showing on Saturday night. There are some minor parts that miss/don't match up/don't make sense (like a bomb went off and the camera hit the ground but 3 minutes later you are up running and the camera is working fine - seriously not going to happen but whatever) overall a fantastic,edge of your seat thriller. And short, only 1hr and 30 minutes. But from 8 points of view you need to keep it short and sweet or you'll lose the audience.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Been too Long

Has it really been 2 weeks since I've posted. Wowza, where does time go?!? Obviously time management is not my forte this month. By the way if my spelling stinks blogger's stupid spell check isn't working and it's too much energy to copy this to Word to make sure I spelled everything properly.

Anyways so what have I been up to these last two weeks? I know you are just on the edge of your seats waiting! A lot of work travel and a lot of wedding stuff. The running has been better but not fantastic. I was able to get outside twice last week (woo hoo). My old short runs are now my long runs which is kind of depressing. I hope to get back to where I was soon. I have attempted the treadmill more these past two weeks but my heart is just not in it and I end up heading to the elliptical after 20 minutes. I seriously cannot wait for spring or at least 40 degree weather instead of this negative _ degree wind chill crap. And as of 3 days ago I messed up my shoulder. No idea what I did but it hurts when I carry my suitcase, raise my arm, change the radio in the car. Of course I am being stubborn and still working out and haven't made a doctor's appointment yet. I am giving it until the end of the week then I'll follow up with someone.

On the personal/wedding front - I found my wedding dress!!! And for a FANTASTIC deal. I love deals. And I can't wait to post pics after the big day in August :) And no it doesn't look that that crazy picture but wouldn't it be awesome if it did? But the dress made me realize I need to do push-ups among other arm exercises and get these puppies toned. We also registered. Man what a process that was. Our entire Sunday gone but at least it's done. Plus, Crate and Barrel was having a little registry "party" that allowed us and about 20 other couples to go before the store opened, eat, drink, and register without tons of people around. PLUS a FREE gift. Love it! I am meeting with the florist tonight so hopefully we get along and has good ideas because her price is good enough. Flowers are crazy expensive and I just don't have the desire to pay that much for them. Then I just need to find a cake as well as confirm some other items then I am nearly done with the big stuff. Oh and the honeymoon - we can totally fly to Fiji on my miles and stay in a Hilton because I have never used my hotel points all for $100 in taxes. How much does that rock! We wouldn't be going until a few weeks after the wedding but I am cool with that because when else would I ever go to Fiji!!! So it seems to be coming together. Yeah!

*picture borrowed from anniewaits on Flickr without permission.

Friday, February 8, 2008

4 in the snow

At home in Medina, OH. I used to hate this town that I grew up in. I love it now. Even though there is still that close minded small town-ness about it. Maybe it's because I come back so few times a year and can appreciate the town for what it is. So before we left today I decided after over a week of no running I absolutely had to run. It felt so good. I'm glad I got it in. It was slow going on the ice and slushy snow but really worth it. Really I don't know why I haven't run outside more. Got in 4 and am happy b/c being at home I know I will do nothing!

So we are almost ready to book our officiant but I am still up in the air. We were going to book a judge local to Chicago but he seems so "whatever"...We are not too religious even though I grew up Catholic. Honestly I would prefer someone get their license online (I'll pay) then marry us. Anyone game?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm officially taking part in the Soldier Field 10

FANTASTIC! So excited right now. I just got an e-mail from the local running store saying registration to all the races they sponsor throughout the year is open. One of the races is the Solder Field 10 mile run. I have been wanting to do this for a couple years but it fills up quickly and it always closes before I make the decision to pay the money and sign up (yes it takes me forever to sign up for races). I'll end on the 50 yard line of Soldier Field and the after party is on the field too. How cool is that!!! Plus I have never done just a 10 mile race only a 10k or 1/2 marathon so it is a guaranteed PR no matter how I run :) The race will be interesting b/c every single weekend in May is booked with bachelorette parties and weddings. And never mind the fact that I haven't ran in over week (thank you 12 inches of snow and the fact that I hate you treadmill). Whatever it is going to be awesome! Who else wants to run this thing with me? Sign up now!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I <3 Winter Travel

Sitting in the Kansas City airport. Actually I am surprised I am here, mine was the only flight on United to get to KCI yesterday afternoon. That never happens usually mine is the only one to get cancelled for no reason! So you might think that an airport that services two states would be slightly larger and provide more options for the busy traveler. Not so much.

These one day trips all over the map are killing me. I have been re-assigned to a new project which is in the start-up phase. This means that until the end of March I have no specific geographic region that I go to and I don't get to plan my own schedule. So I have no say and I could be in Kansas today and Wisconsin tomorrow - oh wait that is my schedule this week! Also these vists that I am doing now last ummm about 45min-1 hr. Meaning I travel for 2, 3, 4 hours one way for a 1 hour visit. And traveling in the winter out of and into O'hare makes your trip even more exciting! So the workouts haven't been happening as I would like. I did get a 40 min yoga dvd done before I left yesterday but I am feeling kind of yucky today even though I am happy with myself and made excellent food choices (except for the large diet coke I needed to get me through this afternoon). Hopefully I can make it out of here before the snow hits in MO and in Chicago. I may even make it to the gym today but I'll try not to get my hopes up just in case I am trapped here for the night. And this is the reason I always carry an extra pair of underwear during winter travel ;) You never know when you may be stuck in an aiport overnight!

I keep going back and forth about the Chicago Marathon. Really the only time I think my training would not be 100% is the week of the wedding. After which I could resume as normal. The reason is we are taking a very brief honeymoon after the wedding because we don't want to go to a beach in August. So we are taking two! Thank you airline miles and hotel points!!! Our big or REAL honeymoon will be happening in October sometime. I think the training might help relieve the stress of the wedding and may actually make me more organized. I tend to function a little better when I have to make a schedule to fit everything into a day. When I have all day or week to do something it usually doesn't get done. The finances won't break me either...Ahhh - I am so not good with decisions like this! Who knows what I'll decide; I think I have about a month until it gets close to filling up. This could be the season of 10k's and 1/2 marathons only. Or it could be the season I finish my second marathon.

Alright off to start my report that is due in less than 24 hours from the visit. I tell you this study is going to be the end of me!

Friday, February 1, 2008

It's February 1st and I'm trapped in my house under 6 ft of snow!

It's February 1st and that means one thing. Okay maybe more but really one thing in my book. Registration for the 2008 Chicago Marathon opened today. Now you all may remember how much fun I had at my inaugural 2007 Chicago Marathon run. And because of that I feel like I need to take another crack at it. I don't really want my only memories of the Chicago Marathon to be tainted with what happened the first time. But then on the other hand I have a gazillion things going on this year. Usually I have nothing to do and I have time to train to keep me out trouble. Instead this year I am standing up in two dear friends weddings (back to back), I was just assigned to this crazy study in which I will be traveling a lot (no I did not get my lead position I was so desperately hoping for), and I have my own wedding to plan and partake in about 6 weeks before the big race. And with all that going on to I really have the extra money it takes to get me ready for the marathon (entry fees, fuel, new non-smelly workout clothes, shoes, etc)?!? It's a lot to think about. Plus the fact whenever I mention I am thinking about signing up everything gets this look of fear/shock/you're an idiot on their face and exclaims "Why? Are you crazy? Don't you remember what happened last year/Do you really have time to prepare with everything going on?" So all of their comments are kind of getting me down.

I'll let you know what I decide but in the meantime I would love to hear what you all have to think about my minor dilemma :)