Thursday, January 28, 2010

too cold

The weather is always a hot topic amongst runners. Living in the north I get to complain about how hot and humid it is or bitter cold nasty it is outside :) Last week was a little teaser of what a mild winter might be like with January temperatures reaching the 40's one day! How quickly we forget what true winter weather in Chicago feels like. Today we are back to a high of 13 degrees, real feel -1. Brrr... and even more so after the temporary "warmup". Yet on my drive home from the suburbs this afternoon I saw people running the lakefront path. I know it's sunny today and we haven't seen that orange ball in the sky for awhile but a wind chill of -1 is just too cold for me to get outside. The cold and wind hurt, my jaw goes number, and overall it is uncomfortable and not a lot of fun. Yes, treadmill running is mundane and frustrating (for me) but a necessary evil. I'm usually okay with running short to mid distances outside with temps in the 20's and I run in snow and slush. However, once it hits the teen's or is iced over I'm heading to the gym.

How cold is too cold for you? Or will you run outside in nearly anything?

the picture courtesy of flickr of lake michigan on a day much like today.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Ever since returning from vacation/starting the new year I haven't felt like doing much of anything! My motivation to get dressed, leave the house, and do anything other than watch tv or read is severely lacking. Part of the reason is my full travel schedule right now. After a couple days of travel I am exhausted! Also, after staring down a computer screen and patient charts the last thing I want to do is be on the computer. The dreary weather is also playing a role. It's the time of year we hibernate :) So that's what I've been doing...

I haven't been missing too many runs because of my temporary laziness; though I have been pushing them off to much later in the day. Luckily the running path is well lit and there are several other cold weather runners so I'm not alone. Once I'm out there and moving I feel good and am happy it's just the 'getting out there' that is the issue. I've been averaging around 20+ miles a week and doing much better with cross-training and weights so far. I won't be setting any records in New Orleans in a month but at least I will be able to finish without hurting myself.

Finally some great news happened today... My dad is officially in remission! Happy day!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

new year quick catch-up

When we last left off I was taking a break from the computer. So to catch you up on my life now and over these last few weeks I'm installing the ever helpful and effective bullet point system.
  • We visited central Illinois family, Ohio family over a span of 7 days. I scored some great loot at both places :) Apparently I was a good kid this year!
  • I ate a lot. It still hurts.
  • Long hours in the car and little time at home. Family is worth it but sometimes it's a bit much.
  • My dad had his last chemo treatment the week before Christmas. We find out this month whether or not he's in remission or it's time for the next step.
  • In Ohio, there were drunken plans of my friend's husband pacing me in Cleveland this year to break 4 hours. After a disappointing 4:23 last year there I'm tempted to head back in May. Decisions, decisions.
  • Sister and the brother-in-law came to stay with us over New Years. Way, way, way too much drinking and food intake. It's what we do best.
  • I discovered my love of Mario Kart. 4 year olds kick my butt but it's all good. Although, I have to watch it because those cute little Nintendo characters make me swear up a storm.
  • I re-discovered my love of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I can't get enough of the cheesy, campy, butt-kicking goodness. And Angel (David Boreanez) is nice on the eyes :)
  • My husband left for 2 days after New Years and those two days were some of the most boring, wonderfully lazy days of my time off.
  • I'm stuck in Atlanta thanks to the first storm of 2010. My Thursday 4:21 pm flight was cancelled a full 22 hours before take-off, before any weather hit... what the hell?!?
  • I love United text updates. I was able to book a crappy hotel and extend my rental car with plenty o' time. Now no sleeping in the airport :)
  • I packed extra underwear... that's really the only plus of this trip.
  • I ripped my running shoes this afternoon. It made for an interesting 4+ interval miles.
  • The New Orleans 1/2 is in 7 weeks. I'm sooooo not ready
  • I ran outside in the frozen tundra in Chicago several times. I don't mind it until my lungs start to burn and I can no longer feel my chin.
  • This day delay left me with time to hit up the treadmill/get another run done this week. So yea! another positive!
  • I'm working hard to keep better track of my miles this year. I went old school and bought a runner's calender to record the details. I can't always take multiple computers with me when I travel so writing the details down works best. I think this might help keep me motivated.
  • I can't wait to get home.
  • I'm hoping some snow fairy dug my car out of the outside O'Hare parking lot. I don't really have appropriate digging your car out the snow apparel with me. Maybe I'll count the digging as cross-training for the day :)
It doesn't seem like much but it kept me busy enough. Honestly it was very nice to not have to do anything if I didn't want to. But now it's time to get back on the wagon! Oh and to start planning my next true vacation. I need a true, lay on the beach with a good book, vacation.