Wednesday, January 28, 2009

San Antonio Update

San Antonio is COLD! Not as cold as Chi-town but seriouslyI do not want to go outside. And I didn't bring outdoor cold running clothes ;) It is total opposite of what I think Texas should be. Today I actually got out a bit early today and snuck in a 5 mile tempo treadmill run before the dinner and drinking and schmoozing began. I seriously thought I was going to die on mile 2 but then I made it through after much positive thinking. It felt fabulous to move after sitting and eating and listening to presentations all day. Not sure if I can get anything done tomorrow since it will be a 7am - 10pm kind of day. ugh. But I will have a site here (as well as Austin and Dallas) so I'll be back in Texas running for the next year and a half! Plenty of time to find some good running paths and maybe a running partner! Thursday is going to be killer. I can't remember the last time I woke at 6:30 in the morning and went all day - good times.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Twilight and Running

Last week I was sucked into the world that so many tweens know as the Twilight Saga. Yeah, I think I read over 2000 pages in about 3 days. I even re-read the first book before seeing the movie on Sunday with my other Twilight obsessed friend. There was 1 theater in Chicago still showing the movie and after jumping on the bandwagon late I had to see it on the big screen ;) Of course the book was better but it doesn't stop me from obsessing over the authors website and anything Twilight related.! The love story between a vampire and teenage girl kept me from all other daily activities (like remembering to eat dinner one night!) Now all the books have been thorougly digested and I may be slightly depressed. I need a new hobby. Although I didn't do much of anything than sit in my office or my bed to read I actually did keep up my regular workout schedule and got in some beneficial runs. Since the temps actually rose to a balmy 30 degrees last week I was even able to go outdoors to run one day. Unfortunately it quickly returned to mid teens and I returned to the treadmill.

This week makes my return to work full force officially. blah. I have been re-assigned and am forced to spend the week in San Antonio learning there is all to learn about this new drug and study. These meetings are the worst. Extremely long days with a lot of sitting around and eating empty calories. My suit is already a bit snug...I'm hoping to squeeze in a workout tomorrow now that everyone decided to push up dinner tonight so it's impossible to squeeze in anything other than a 10 minute hotel room push-up/sit-up routine.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Shoe Love

I love my Asics Kayano - 15! I was lucky enough to receive them as a Christmas gift from my dad. After years of asking for running apparel my dad finally listened :) Anyways I hadn't asked for the 15's but my dad surprised me - what a surprise! And I love them. Not a whole lot has changed from the previous models but enough to notice the difference. I had the chance to wear them outside after I first received them in early January for a short 4 mile run and just took them for a 7 mile spin on the treadmill today (my longest run in a very long time) and wow. That's my official and very exciting review. However if you are an Asic shoe wearing/loving runner I think it may be enough of a review for ya ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Deep Freeze

A high of -5 at noon today with a real feel temp of -25. So the whole point is I'm not leaving the house if I don't have to. This also means I needed to find a way to workout at home. Lucky for me some new workout DVDs arrived in the mail this week. Jillian Michael's from Biggest Loser and her 30 day shred program, level 1, kicked my ass in just 20 minutes. I hurt all over. Here I was thinking I was in some sort of shape. I lift weights, I run, I cross-train and my poor quads and calves were burning in the first 4 minutes. At least I know I didn't waste $9 :) I actually spend the 20 minutes wishing for a treadmill instead! Ah, I'm sure I'll get my wish tomorrow when it actually warms to a balmy 7 degrees above and I can then venture out to the gym. Stay warm northerners!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Best Laid Plans

Happy New Year oh 5 days after the fact!!!! Oh I had such fantastical plans for my 2 weeks off of work...Workout, eat healthy after returning home from the tour of the Midwest, finish my wedding thank yous, clean my very dirty condo, blog, catch up on my google reader, shop for a new couch, so on and so forth. What I actually got done? A lot of staying up very late (3am) and sleeping in (noon), eating really delicious/very unhealthy food in copious amounts, drinking with all that wonderful food, and laying in my bed to watch Unsolved Mysteries, 48 hour dramas, bad crime TV show marathons while playing games on my iTouch. I did clean the bathroom 1 day and attempted to run another day but nothing else. And then Monday arrived and my laziness came to a screeching halt. Now begins the schedule of working out, finally finishing those thank yous and eating relatively healthy. I can't help it I had all the ingredients to make peanut butter brownies without going to the store ;) I am looking into a few races this year and hope to stop procrastinating and make a decision by this weekend. Several of my non-runner friends have decided to partake in a local Chicago race that I stopped running 2 years ago due to the sheer size and lack of friend support. I may have to join them this year though!