Wednesday, October 19, 2011

what I'm loving this wednesday...

Here are a few things I can't get enough of this week.  
  • Pinterest - I can't stop pinning.  Seriously, I need help.  I am obsessed with finding new recipes, cute diy projects (to do once I have a house/more space), and other fun ideas.  I'm losing entire days to this site and it recently kept me busy for the 5 hour car drive back to Ohio last weekend.  
  • Weddings!!!  My sister's best friend got married last weekend and now I want to do it all over again.  So much fun!
me and my sister (a beautiful bridesmaid)
  • Running in cooler temperatures;  I feel like I am flying!
  • Scary movies.  I'm loving channels like AMC who play scary movies non-stop in October.  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Do you want to know the best day when running the lakefront is clear and you can have a nice relaxing run in Chicago?  Chicago marathon race morning.  I think I saw 1 other runner and only a handful of cyclists.
I live about 2 miles from the 12K point of the marathon so instead of walking or taking the el I decided to run to Addison, cheer my heart out, then finish up my run after my hands were too sore to clap anymore.  I made it to Addison right as the first few participants in the wheelchair division were coming through, found a spot right up front, and waited.  The wait was short and soon enough we could hear the lead cars honking and the helicopter overhead.

Here they come...
There they go... can you spot Ryan hall?  And yes that is only 1 of the cheerleading groups along this mile of the marathon.

After that I cheered for people I didn't know for the next 2 hours.  I ended up seeing my friend running her second marathon (and PRing by 40 minutes!) Unfortunately she didn't see me.  My fault, I never told her I would be there.  I am glad though I was able to spot her in the masses!

It was a warm morning, nice for spectating but I felt bad for the runners.  Definitely not as warm as it has been in the past but nowhere close to ideal.  I saw a handful of people already struggling at the 12K which was shaded.  I can only imagine how they felt on the back half where shade is hard to come by.  I noticed many spectators only cheering for the 1 or 2 people they knew and it bothered me.  Maybe since I've run a couple races now that I know how nice/motivating it is to hear the cheering, clapping, and support from total strangers.  Seriously, if you are going to stand there and wait an hour to see your family member or friend might as well clap for the others while you are at it.

I don't know what it is about spectating but I tend to get emotional and want to run another marathon.  It holds my absolute worst race and my current marathon PR.   It's my town and I kind of love it in all its craziness.  It's a good thing registration doesn't open until next year otherwise I would have come home and signed up immediately. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What I'm loving this Wednesday

I'm running low on what to write about since not much has been happening.  To up the posting to maybe a bit more than 1 time a month I've decided to start a "what I'm loving right now"

    1) Restaurants who have loyalty punch cards.  Nearly every 6th visit I'm enjoying a free turkey grinder  at our favorite local sandwich shop, Costello's.  And if we actually are around and remember to go on Tuesday we get double punches (2 for Tuesday!)  Free sandwiches sooner = love

2) Rold Gold Cheddar Twists.  I seriously can't get enough of the cheesy pretzel goodness at lunch.  

     3)  Having no business travel on my schedule this week.  You have no idea the joy I feel not having to experience the airport for 5 whole business days.

       4) Still being able to wear my flip-flops into October.