Monday, January 28, 2008

Holy Wind Batman

End of January and the extreme cold we have been having decided to take a break for two days. So I HAD to go outside for a run today even though it was super windy with slight drizzle. And the fact it is supposed to be a high of 19 on Weds. Oh yeah and it FINALLY gave me a chance to try out the new man in my life - mr. garmin. I am seriously hooked. I need to read the manual a bit more to see everything it can do but I love the new guy. He told me I average a 8:58 over 4.4 miles (a distance I always thought was just shy of 4). The run went good too despite the wind that blew me to the other side of the path. It was funny but at least I didn't fall over.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

4 suprise miles

This is supposed to be a running blog but as of late there hasn't been much discussion about running. Probably because I haven't done it. I think about it. But for whatever reason I haven't felt the call, urge, desire to run. Maybe it's the nasty weather or maybe I'm just lazy. Even the new garmin I received for Christmas (which finally came out of the box last week) couldn't motivate me. I charged the new guy and was all ready to take him outside to find a signal for the first time...nothing beats the first time signal or so I hear ;) Unfortunately the little guy still remains signalless as I only got as far as unplugging him from the wall. So when I headed to the gym yesterday I had no plans on running. Why start now?!? But as I headed out from the locker room the long row of mills called to me and I answered. Those first 15 minutes sucked. But I had my Brian Williams NBC podcast to talk me through. I threw in some intervals of my choosing and I told myself I could stop at 20 minutes and move to the elliptical. Then what do you know I actually stayed for 40 minutes and ran over 4 miles! Yeah! Kept the pace between a 9:30 and 9:13 and it felt good. Until today. My hips are tight (I probably should have stretched better). But it is supposed to be a balmy 40 degrees Monday so you bet your ass I am headed out to designalize my new garmin. Can't wait and I know he is pretty excited too :)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Workout Update

After catching up on everyone's blogs today I was super stoked to run...on the treadmill. No way I was running outside in what 4 degrees. My fingers turned bright redish purple in practically 3 minutes this morning - with gloves on!!!Then one thing led to another. I HAD to finish the save the date cards and get them in the mail tonight, then Jacob HAD to finish his Tiger Woods online tournament on Playstation 3 (seriously what a dork! But I'm marrying that dork ;) ) Then we didn't get to the gym until around 6pm. So every single treadmill was spoken for. I'll be happy when it's late February and everyone has given up on their New Years resolutions. Instead of the mill I hit up the more difficult of the elliptical machines for 35 minutes. Yes there are different degrees of elliptical difficulty at our gym. Odd but true. It doesn't have much but it has that going for the place. Not what I was hoping for but a workout nonetheless. And I felt a lot better after I was through. Maybe I can get the run in tomorrow and this weekend. There should be a warm up to about mid 20's! Break out the shorts....

Next, I need to start working on that eating healthy thing. That I'm not so good at maintaining.

Meeting with the caterer tomorrow. I am super excited. No free tasting yet just hashing out the details and praying we can afford her. But seriously I cannot wait until the cake tasting. Yum! Yes, this is one of the reasons I workout...for a moist vanilla cake with buttercream frosting with strawberries in the center....This is also why I am failing at my eating healthy thing ;)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

This week's wrap-up is freakin freezing!!! The little temp gauge says 7 degrees but I just heard the wind chill is around -14. I had plans to not leave the house but of course we have a friends stock the bar party. So not only do I have to leave the house but I had to run errands for said party and then eventually dress up and get all cute to walk outside in the freezing cold. Seriously the tips of my fingers started to get numb just walking to the end of the block. And of course I saw some dude running. I just can't in this weather but props to you man in the yellow jacket and face mask.

The whole working out bit went a bit smoother this week (yeah!) I still hate the treadmill even though I got the iTouch for Christmas so I could download movies and tv shows to help motivate me to stick through it on the mill. No such luck. It's still boring no matter what I watch. I did run twice but I took the week to focus on cross training and weights. My triceps are still sore from two days ago. And I don't even want to talk about how sore my butt was after I did 3 sets of lunges then squats. Oh mama!!! Luckily the pain is motivating me to keep with it because it makes me realize how much I've lost over the last month. So hopefully I'll have some rockin arms come the wedding ;)

Wedding plans are moving right along. I am still a bit nervous that I have booked the place, found a photographer and a dj but still no caterer. Hopefully by the end of the month. I've succumbed to this costing much more than I planned. We can afford it but it just seems ridiculous! As soon as you say "wedding" the vendors eyes get all big like ooh another one to sell more to than she can afford....Oh well, this only happens once (well you hope it only happens once). I think I found my dress but of course the stupid bridal shop girl had me try on a dress I said was out of my price range and of course I like it. She knocked $900 off (overpriced to begin with what) then I found it online through a site my sister used for a little less. It's still more than I wanted to pay. So I'll keep looking then I may just breakdown and spend too much on a pretty dress I'll only wear once. Because I'm no Britney. I won't wear my wedding dress from my 2nd wedding while hanging out with my new paparazzo boyfriend at the local grocery store :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm a slacker

I have been a slacker with keeping up with this blog and reading all yours lately. My goal is to stay consistent with everything and not let one aspect of my life consume the rest of my life. So Friday I had the most fantastic 5 mile run. I had every intention in coming home and writing all about the place of zen I entered on the crisp, evening run. How my steps fell into place with such ease to become an effortless easy run that I never wanted to end. Unfortunately it had to end yet I remained on cloud 9 all the way through Saturday. I had the best intentions of continuing my new found exercise joy through the weekend. Saturday was busy running errands. Then I happened to drink one too many red wines during the holiday party and delirium tremons after the holiday work party. So Sunday was a bust. I return home late Tuesday night and after this trip I am figuring out a consistent schedule.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fantastic - It's the word of the year

Well unfortunately I didn't get the date I wanted for the wedding venue. I did get the alternate date but now I'm running into all sorts of problems. Most importantly a very dear family friend who is a photographer in Ohio is booked on that day. Now not only will he won't be there but that also means one more thing I need to find/book and added expense we weren't prepared for. I'm starting to wonder if planning this thing can be done in Chicago in 8 months without sacrificing a lot and paying a lot. I'm one big stressball. Sorry I know this is a running blog but my life has been all wedding all day. This week is my attempt to get back into the running/cross training way of life to try and alleviate some stress.

I am traveling this week (added to the stress). My flight was canceled Sunday which meant I was rescheduled Monday morning on a 6:30am flight. FANTASTIC! Woke up at 4 am but only slept for around 3 hours. Freaking Fantastic! Flew down to Fort Lauderdale worked for 4.5 hours and caught a flight to Atlanta. Got into the hotel around 10pm last night. Long day... Here in the ATL until Thursday. I miss my bed at home already... Just finished a treadmill run and elliptical cool down. It was a struggle to get through but I feel so much better now that I'm done. I may even get to work out two days in a row this week! I haven't done that since last year I think. Next I may even start eating better ;)

By the way I can't stop using the word fantastic. And I use it at the most opportune and inopportune time. I'm obsessed. And I have no idea why or where it came from. But I'm on a mission for to make it the next IT word :)

Sunday, January 6, 2008 JANUARY?!?!

That's right it is January 6th and I got to wear some shorts! Craziness for sure. In Chicago on Weds it was -6 degree (real feel) and today just 3 short days later a cloudy but comfortable 51 degrees. Of course by the time I return from my business trip Thursday it will be 30 something and snow showers but at least I got a taste of spring for 1 day in January. Not much to report on the run itself. I haven't been running consistently so I wasn't sure how I would do and it's been awhile since I have braved the outdoors. It went great and I finished strong on a short 3 1/2 mile route. Now off to pack and run errands before my flight down to Florida then back up to Atlanta. So over the business travel thing.

On a side note I think I found my ceremony/reception venue. A little more than I wanted to pay but it's perfect. Located 2 blocks west of Michigan Avenue it is this recently rehabbed studio with a gorgeous garden right in the middle of the city. Centrally located for all the out of towners (which is ~100 of my guests). Now all I have to do is sign the contract and give them a big chunk of my money. I am holding out for August 30th/Labor day weekend but some other bridezilla already has the date on hold. If she doesn't pony up the money the place is mine! Evil I know but a lot of girls out here put holds on multiple places at one time while they continue to look. Here's hoping she's that girl. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Everything but what I should be doing

I know I haven't been around much but seriously I thought January was supposed to be a stress-free, relax in your home, workout when you want kind of month. Yeah, not so much. My hopes of having a wedding before the end of this year are quickly dwindling. Who knew so many weddings occurred in Chicago in all the awesome venues?!? And who knew these crazy brides actually booked them earlier than 9 months before the wedding. I have called is booked April - October with the exception of - count them - 5 venues. Awesome. But I am looking at them tomorrow and Friday. Anyways with my focus on finding a ceremony/reception venue I have had little time to do anything else, you know like the essentials work and run. I got some strength training done yesterday and boy I am freaking sore. Probably a good indication I need to focus on that more :) Also b/c of this wedding not sure New Orleans 1/2 mary is in the picture anymore :( I'll keep looking for amazing deals. Maybe I can swing a bachelorette party and run all in one weekend. Seriously, I'm kidding. Work is crazy right now. I have to leave on Sunday for a 5 day trip all over the southeast. But after that I have only 1 more trip until I am re-assinged to a new study. Everybody say a little prayer for me that I am finally assigned as a LEAD CRA on my new study and therefore my travel will be significantly slowed. here's hoping.
Alright off to contact yet another venue. I am seriously buying an old warehouse space in the city after this is all done to sell to brides and corporations. There is serious money to be made in this crazy business....