Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Your feet are so gross"

That's why J told me this afternoon. I have to agree, they are nasty. They were doing okay those first few months of training and then I had to go and up the mileage and thats when they took a turn for worse. But if the worst thing that happens is that I lose a couple toenails and have some huge blisters then I can handle that. As long as I can stay feet injury free come October I'll take the gross feet. Plus, even before running I really don't think my feet were that pretty - I inherited my father's feet and boy's feet on a girl never looked very good.

Today was another 5 miler this time outside. Yea outside! And what a great day in Chicago for running. There was absolutely no humidity and it was in the low 70's. And even with the beautful weather there weren't a lot of people on the lakefront. The run itself felt great. J ran with me for the first 1.5 miles and then turned back so I went out slow with him for the first 15 minutes. Then I picked up the pace slightly to finish in 45 1/2 minutes even with a slight headwind on the 2.5 miles back home. Now we are going to grill some cod, steam some veggies, "cook" couscous, and have ourselves a nice dinner in tonight.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

home again for this week anyways

I'm home, yeah! At least for the next 5 1/2 days. Reason's I like to be home include but aren't limited to:

  • relaxing with my kitten Maggie (when she's not running around like a crazy)
  • sleeping in my own bed
  • catching up on my DVR
  • running outside on the lakefront
  • seeing my b/f J (he travels for work too and not to the same places I do)
  • not having to eat on the run or in an airport
  • seeing my friends

So yeah I like to be home...

I know that the southeast is humid and disgustingly hot this time of year and the best place to be is in the air conditioning. It annoys me to no end that every building/car/bus has it so its colder than a witches tit (I really don't know how cold that is but I think the saying is hilarious). Seriously, I shouldn't have to carry a coat with me to Florida in August but what do you know I do. Problem was I rushed around Monday and forgot it so I was shaking with goosebumps all day at work today in a sleep lab. I wanted to rip the covers off the bed and wrap up in it but that would be unprofessional now wouldn't it??? I seriously considered it though.

I traveled this evening (on United the best airline for business travelers) and didn't have time to stop for dinner instead I had to purchase a "delicious" smart pack for $5 on the flight so I woke up early for my run again. Day 2 early a.m. start was more difficult than day 1 early a.m. start. A 5 mile pace run on the treadmill today. Once I warmed up, aka woke up, I had a good pace for nearly 4 miles; around 9 min miles which is a good pace for me. It does feel good to get the run done first thing but it turns into a long, tiring day by 1pm.

I give all you southeastern/hot weather runners props. I could not wake up early every day to run when its cooler. And by cooler I mean 80 and humid instead of later when it might be 95 degrees and humid. But I see you out there trudging along, looking like you just jumped in the ocean b/c the sweat can't evaporate. I feel for you but I am also impressed and inspired.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Early Morning

Oh that alarm went off so early this morning... I am not nor will I ever be an early morning riser. My best work is done in the afternoon/early evening. However, in order to fit in my training run I couldn't wait till then as I have yet another flight this evening. I woke up at 6am eastern, mind you I am used to central time so my body felt like it was 5 am. Of course I had to be up early so I couldn't fall asleep last night. Isn't that how it always works?!? There were no other early risers in the Hampton Inn so I had the treadmill/exercise room to myself. I caught up on all the world happenings after watching CNN for 45 minutes. Side note, does anyone really think Republican Senator Larry Craig is telling the truth. I mean the man agreed he was guilty of the misdemeanor and now several months later in lieu of re-election he is going to say he wasn't...seriously does he think people are really that dumb?

The run itself went okay; it took about 1 1/2 miles for me to wake up and realize what I was actually doing but after that it was smooth sailing with the exception of my pesky blister pain. I probably could have kept going had I been outside but I had places to be, work to do - have to earn that paycheck this week! By the way new shoes are fantastic! I love Asics! I have been wearing them for several years and they have never disappointed. Now I just need to dirty them up so they aren't so glaringly white. A few runs along the lakefront should take care of that, especially after all the rain we have been having in Chicago. I have got to say I love that 5 miles seems like a breeze most days. I remember not to long ago I would struggle to make it through a 5k.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Why is it everytime I travel always forget something???

And I'm Florida that is

And another week of traveling for work begins...I am off too middle of nowhere central Florida and then middle of nowhere southern Florida. Luckily I am not in either place too long; unluckily I am going to be spending a lot of time in airports and on airplanes and eating really horrible food while trying to fit the training in really early or extremely late. With the number of people that travel why isn't there airport food that 1) tastes like real food 2) semi-healthy. Even a turkey sandwich isn't quite a turkey sandwich.

Short workout today due to the travel schedule - only weights. It felt good, I haven't had a chance to do the weights in over a week and I won't have an opportunity while traveling. I am staying in Hampton Inns and they don't provide weights. Of course there are no other gyms around because I am in the middle of nowhere. Here I come treadmill and elliptical! At least there are tv's to watch. That will pass the time on the treadmill some.

Alright I'm off to finish packing...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

What a beautiful (Chicago) day!

Don't let it get away...What a beautiful day indeed! 75 and sunny with a slight breeze; it doesn't get any better in Chicago than it was today! No running today, instead J and I took a bike ride along the lakefront after running very exciting errands (like ordering a screen door and buying a new closet at the Home Depot). At least we finally decided what backsplash we want to put up in our kitchen.
Tonight we went to my most favorite mexican restaurant in the city for dinner - El Mariachi. The best / most authentic there is...It used to be just a little hole in the wall restaurant that no one knew of and we could get a table no matter what day of the week. However, no more. They opened a new, trendier version down the street on broadway and now it is packed every night. Ugh. But I love the food so I just wait for a table. I have to say that tonight it was worth it yet again.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here's to not stopping...

Although I may have been excited yesterday to run outside for the first time all week my body was not too happy with me. First, it was a struggle to get out of bed this morning. Who knows why, just one of those mornings I guess. I kept hitting the snooze and finally at 8:30 am I rolled out of bed grudgingly. I went to bed early enough (11pm) and ate a good dinner (shrimp pasta and a salad - I'm not usually this good) last night yet my body just wasn't feeling the 13 miler today. I kept myself entertained the first hour by inspecting all the storm damage along the lakefront; it was crazy! Trees split or uprooted, fences taken down by wind and trees. My left hip starting screaming around mile 8.5 at which the same time I felt my enormous blister (that appeared out of nowhere on Weds) on the inside of my right big toe swell in size and pain. It's pretty gross. I have never had a more disgusting blister. I have lost toenails and had blood blisters and never been this grossed out! Those last 4.5 miles were excruciating. But I didn't stop. I went much slower than last weekend but I guess you have to take the good running days with the bad running days. Here's hoping next week's long run is a good running day!

On the upside I realized I really needed new kicks. J (my boyfriend) gave me grief over the cost. But hey, if they feel right then they are right for me! I had foot surgery about 9years ago and cheap running shoes have been my enemy since. J says he is going to switch my shoes with some $30 pair and see if I notice. I told him to start running 40 miles a week in cheap shoes and not complain and then he could give me grief. I got the shoes.
That's my kitten Maggie checking out my new shoes...

Friday, August 24, 2007

Treadmill Dance

Last night I could not bring myself to run the full 8 miles on the treadmill. It might have been a more bearable if my gym would put in tv's. Oh well. It was hot, miserable, and a bit smelly. What is it with the huge weightlifting/muscle boys who feel the need to put on disgusting cologne instead of some deodorant?!? I really will never understand!

Saturday (or Sunday if the storms don't stop) is my long run of only 13 miles - I am actually looking forward to it! The running on treadmills all week has made me excited for running outside along the lakefront! Even if it's at 7am!

I realized I just said ONLY 13 miles. Like hey 13 miles is nothing. How many people can say that they can run (or in my case jog at a medium pace) that far?!? I am not dismissing 13 miles by an meansbut at this point of my training it is pretty amazing what my body can accomplish. And after 18 miles last Sunday a half marathon doesn't seem so bad.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

My poor man's car...

On the way to the gym I had to go to the FedEx dropbox which is a different route than normal for us to travel. There were/are horrible storms in the area with tornado watches/warnings, lightning, thunder, etc. On the way we happened to drive by the street my man's car was parked on and see a huge tree had fallen. Of course the street is a one-way so we quickly went around the block to find top it off fallen wire was all around the car and it was still raining. The tree went all the way through the passenger seat.

It's my first time be nice...

So this here is my first attempt at blogging. I'm not too sure what actually made me sign up and start doing this. It could be that I'm a bit restless today or the crappy weather outside or maybe my feeble attempt to avoid my job. I think it might be I just need to write about my running and life woes and have no one look at my like I'm crazy. See I am training for the Chicago marathon and none of my friends really understand. Plus, I am doing it for charity so on top of complaining about how bad my hips and ankles hurt I also am hitting them up for money (for a good cause!)

Today I am supposed to run 8 miles. Correction, yesterday I was supposed to run 8 according to my lovely schedule but it just so happens I was in Atlanta for work (I am always there for work!) and I couldn't bring myself to run 8 miles on a treadmill, only 5. I saved 8 for today and what do you know but a torrential downpour, looks like I am going to be doing that 8 on a treadmill after all! Either that or lose another ipod to the rain (I'm on the second). Alright I'm outta here to hit up my smelly gym!