Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home Again

Vacation is over for now and I'm extremely happy to be back home for the night. After a long holiday weekend spent at the in-laws it's nice to be sitting on my own couch with the promise of sleeping in my own bed. It's especially nice be watching the shows I want, not hunting or drag racing, and have access to the internet. The internet access at the in-laws was spotty at best so I am behind on everything and with everyone! The holiday included too much food and not enough activity. Though I was able to squeeze in a nice 7 mile run Friday. It was much needed for both my waistline and sanity!

I'm off for a 4 day tour of Texas on Monday for work. The following week is just as busy but at least there is an end in sight until my next much longer but just as busy vacation. I'm hoping now to normalize my eating and get some good workouts/running during December. Can anyone else believe it's almost December? Crazy! I need to start working on my 2010 race calendar!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

No Excuses

Call tonight to the hubs on the way home from the airport... approximately 5:30pm

Me: I'm thinking of going for a short, quick run before dinner, is that okay?
Hubs: It's dark outside
Me: I can see that but the path is well lit
Hubs: It's cold and crappy
Me: I've run in worse
Hubs: yeah, I guess
Me: at least it's not raining!
Hubs: (big sigh implying I will never understand you and your running thing) okay

Poor guy all he wanted to do was get some dinner and I shot down all his reasons why I shouldn't go for a run. Unfortunately for him all I wanted to do was run after my long day of sitting. I sat so much today from the research office, to the airport, to the airplane, and in the car in traffic that my butt start to ache! I had to get moving. Plus instead of waking up early (like all you other good bloggers!) I re-set the alarm for an extra 50 minutes of sleep this morning and was feeling ultra guilty. Normally I don't run after working and traveling all day long; I'm too spent. Today, I lucked out in catching an earlier flight home and finding some energy.

I walked in the back door before 6, quickly changed, and headed out the front door sans garmin by 6. Before I even made it to the path I ran into some neighborhood hoodlums who were looking for trouble. They started to harass me but for whatever reason they took off and I made it by without much incident. A bit of a scary way to start. Once on the path there were a number of bikers and runners and I quickly found my groove. Not quite 4 miles later I was back home with a newfound energy! Ahhh - much better!

Monday, November 16, 2009

a little more than nothing...

I really wish I had more to talk about but as of late I've done a whole lot of nothing besides the occasional run, thinking about how I should go for a run, and working. Very exciting stuff I know!

Over the weekend I bailed on my planned long run for no good reason - again... At least I managed 4 miles on Saturday afternoon with the hubbie. I will continue to live by something is better than nothing mantra! Sunday was a wonderful, lazy, lay around the house watching CSI and Criminal Minds kind of day. How I love my min-marathon crime shows :)

Before my flight I headed out for 7 chilly miles. After the unseasonably warm temps I wasn't really prepared for this morning. On the out and back course I was comfortable in my running capri's and thin long-sleeve awesomely pink top on the way out. On the way back north I had some wicked headwind and I was wishing for my gloves. So were my white knuckles. I know it's still warmer than the November normal but I miss the 60's!

I'm traveling the south this week through Wednesday. Once I return home I don't have to hit the road again until the 30th! I know it's only a week and a half of no work travel but that's huge in my world. And once I return to work after Thanksgiving I only have 3 more trips (5 different towns) over 2 weeks then I'm done until after the New Year! Yea!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Being Good

In Denver on Tuesday I decided to make the effort/take advantage of the 1 hour time change to workout. Since I ran Monday I really only wanted to use the bike or elliptical machine and if time weights. Of course I stayed up way to late pretending to work Monday night and when 6:45 am rolled around I was too comfortable and exhausted to move. Finally, I pulled myself out of the bed shortly after 7 am and headed down for a short elliptical session. Of course no one was using the dreadmills, only the elliptical machines and stationary bike! So I hit up some hand weights in my very annoyed state. Luck would have it some guy decided to be kind and jump off the elliptical after his 25 minutes so I could use the machine. Must be because I'm so cute in the morning ;) Unfortunately the guy who gave me the machine wasn't the one with really horribly b.o that made me dry heave. Now I know it wasn't my cuteness that had him cutting his workout short!

As usual, I stayed at a not so classy Embassy Suites. Seriously, it has seen better days but it's so close to the site and I'm all for convenience/a short commute. After my 35 minute workout I headed to the free breakfast but was so not feeling the egg white omelet with spinach, tomatoes, and mushrooms - my go to Embassy Suite breakfast. So I hit up the oatmeal. I lifted the metal lid to set it against the back of the pot to dig in and wadyaknow it crashes to the ground! Bang! The whole breakfast area stopped and stared. And I? I just turned and waved! Of course I would be the awkward girl making things crash to the ground. The waitstaff was annoyed but at least nothing was broken. I ate my oats (with some delicious cherry preserves) and headed on my way.

Anyway, this morning I had 3 people comment about how good I was for waking up and getting a workout done. I found it humorous because here I was feeling bad I slept in and only did a 30 minute workout! Thank goodness for others to change my perspective. It may not have been much but it was more than nothing!
Happy to report Monday I found time for another pre-flight run. It was another great day in Chicago (in the 60's)! I had plans to run 10 then left late due to work and bumped it down to 9. Well... then my sister called mid-run, I realized what time it really was and decided only 8 miles was doable. A nice 8 for a 9:43 average min/mile.

I don't know what it is about not being in "training mode" but I get stupid about running. I wear socks I normally wouldn't, I don't use body glide, I'm not as focused/religious about my pre-run rituals. It is good in a sense that I try new things I normally wouldn't and can find out what works. It's bad in other ways though. After my 8 miles then flight to Denver I was hurting! Lack of body glide on a warmish day, bad socks, poor cool down, no stretching, then a 3 hour flight = bad news! The good news I did hydrate as Denver makes me thirsty! I'm sure I'll repeat in a day or two :) It takes awhile for me to learn my lesson.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Mother nature must have felt a little guilty for the recent below normal temperatures. There is no other explanation for the gorgeous, spring-like, weekend we were given in November! I really meant to go for a long run today but I wasn't feeling in the running spirit at all today. Thankfully I took advantage yesterday to get out for what started as a 3-miler turned very pleasant 5-miles. I also took some time to try out my new phone! Friday afternoon I convinced the hubby to go to Verizon to upgrade to the new Droid phone. It's no iPhone but it is pretty dang close. Plus, I can stay on the Verizon network and not switch to the dreaded AT&T. So far it's love! I know it's going to take awhile to discover all the phone can do. And the one great thing is I can now read blogs easier on the road!

The phone has a very nice 5 mp camera; an upgrade from my previous 1.2 mp camera phone. I also downloaded an app to take pictures in different forms. On the run Saturday I tested the polaroid function.

mid-run. Can you believe a tank top in Chicago in November?!? It was awesome!
Belmont Harbor

The weekend was full of good friends, a random play at the Steppenwolf theatre, delicious meals, copious amount of wine, relaxing, cleaning, and Men Who Stare at Goats. Quick review of the movie - skip it in the theater. With the exception of a couple other moments, all the funny lines were given away in the previews. Overall a darn good weekend I only wish was a little longer!

Monday, November 2, 2009

how business travel and running are a lot alike...

Today while walking through O'Hare for the 60-something time this year I was thinking about my lack of running and my time spent in airports across the country. As any runner does you compare everything in your life to running. My life consists of work travel. Therefore, for lack of other exciting things happening in my life I bring you:

How Business Travel is A Lot Like Running (a race):
  • You should probably pack the night before. Packing the day of/morning of will cause you to forget something you need (toothpaste, glasses, socks, bib, or the all important chip)
  • Arrive early - just in case
  • Be prepared! Anything can (and will) happen.
  • Inevitably no matter how many times you use the bathroom before the flight or the race as soon as you board the plane/start the race you will need to go again.
  • There are a "newbies" or peeps who don't know the rules of the road. There is really no difference between the walkers who line up near the front and the inexperienced traveler in priority lines or blocking said lines.
  • Fueling/hydrating are very important and you need to have a plan.
  • You're hungry and tired when it's all done (although this one may just apply to me)
  • If you try something new fueling wise race/travel day it will probably upset your stomach.
  • You are surrounded by a ton of people you don't know in this "thing" together. Often you'll find someone to talk to. Travel/run enough and you start to recognize and get to know these once random strangers.
  • The shoes you wear can make or break the day!
  • Some days are just not your day and it's completely out of your control.
  • Wear layers (I know this really only applies to races/runs on cold days).
  • There will probably be a line for the bathrooms.
  • Some days you just want to get it over as fast as you can.