Thursday, December 18, 2008

getting over it...the treadmill that is

Two treadmill runs in 3 days?!? Working out everyday this week?!?! Sheer craziness happening over here! Apparently all I need to do is let you all know I hate the treadmill and have no motivation to get over it and just get it done. I was feeling a little out of shape/more self conscious today as there was a super-star gazelle runner 2 treadmills down from me (big sigh) One day I hope to run (and have legs) like her ;)

There is definitely something to be said about not traveling for work. I have been able to cook dinner and visit the gym every night this week. I feel so much more balanced. It makes me think about what could be when the day finally comes that I am not required to travel every week! Oh to dream!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Today was one of those days I was extremely grateful I work from home. It was a 2+ hour commute on nearly every expressway/road home today with some being nearly 4 hours! It took me over 20 minutes to go about 2 miles to the gym. Today was also one of those days I wished I had a house with a home gym or at least some cardio equipment. There was no avoiding the treadmill. The first 20 minutes went by relatively quick then the dread started to set. I pushed through to 30 where I told myself I could stop but actually ended up with a nice 40 minute run. It would have been nice to go outside but with no traction on the shoes I wasn't taking any chances. Maybe some other day this week.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Night

Running? Not so much...I don't do ice and haven't been feeling the dreadmill. I go to the gym with happy running thoughts in my head and then I see the machine...that's as far as I can go. At least I am staying active. Hopefully I can run outside tomorrow because I'm feeling a bit stir crazy.

Tonight was a girls get together like it used to be. Arrive in the comfy pants/sweats, order in the Domino's, drink some wine, and talk. And oh did we talk! Let's just say the conversation ran the gamut from dirty Illinois politics, to weddings, to a depressed vagina (not ours - someones boss!), to nipple cream. A fun night had by all :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Early Arrival

The last work trip of 2008 is officially over! And I was able to leave early, catch the earlier flight (for a small fee), and be home while it is still light outside. Today was a good traveling day. They are few and far between so I'm happy the last one ended on a good note. Now to catch up on 3 months of administrative/office paper work in 5 days...should be a fun week next week.

Happy Weekend all! And good luck to D10 on her marathon this weekend !!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quick Catch Up

It's been awhile...again...I know. I have had absolutely no motivation to blog. Not much is happening other than me working and complaining about work. Oh yeah shopping and a little working out too ;) I've managed to motivate myself to run several times over past few weeks. The running gear I purchased helped motivate to get out in the dark and on the icy, snow covered path in a windchill of 10 degrees. Talking to my husband the other day I compared winter in Chicago to an ex. Once spring/summer comes to Chicago you can only remember the good of the weather and the city...then the first snow happens and you remember why you want to move and/or hibernate. So it is always a huge adjustment once the temperatures begin to drop as I am sure it is with everyone in every northern state/province. I hate the first few minutes of being frozen and the last couple miles of not being able to feel my chin but I try not to think of those things when I'm having an internal debate on whether or not to run outside. I do like feeling hardcore, the satisfaction once I'm finished, not slipping on ice, and the empty paths.

Alright I am off to pack for hopefully my final work trip of the year! Yeah!!! Actually I was done with my own sites last week but I have had to cover for others - boo.