Sunday, September 19, 2010

restaurant review - Italian Style

This weeks restaurant isn't new to me but rather a tried and true favorite. We ate there about 2 weeks ago on a whim and I thought it would be a good suggestion for those of you running Chicago 10-10-10. Be sure to make your reservations now! It's an extremely popular place that fills every weekend and while they've recently expanded still is not that big. Marathon eve it will be even busier I'm sure.

Sapori Trattoria can be found on the north side of Lincoln Park (north of the city/about 3 miles from downtown). I love this Italian restaurant for many reasons. The first reason being their Crostini di Avocado. Hands down one of my favorite appetizers in the city. I crave these delicious little crostini's. The flavors of the Italian guacamole topped with a basil leaf is a little party in your mouth. yum!
On this particular visit the weather had cooled significantly and I was feeling like some fall foods. Typically I go with the lobster ravioli or the amazingly simple but delicious rigatoni caprese. Seriously, I haven't had a bad entree here. I figured what better way to welcome the cool weather than with the Cappellacci di Zucca - pumpkin pasta, with sage, and pine nuts in a burnt butter sauce. This dish screams autumn! The burnt butter is light but effective; the dish would not be the same without it. I love how the leaves of sage add a little crunch too.
Another reason I love this place. They send coupons on your birthday and 1/2 birthday. Got to love saving some money! Sapori is on the pricier end for Italian food ($25-30/person without drinking). It is easier to eat a little cheaper during the week, especially on their prix fix Monday's and Tapas Tuesdays. No matter what day I haven't had a bad meal. A cute little restaurant worth the drive, cab, or el train ride.


Marlene said...

I shouldn't be reading this before I've had lunch! Droooling! The food looks amazing.

Jill said...

That looks soooo yummy. I'm so sad I had to bail on Chicago marathon :(.

Scarlett Elliewood said...

Looks fantastic. Oh how I love the fact that a race gives me an excuse to have a big Italian dinner!

runner26 said...

looks like a great place!! and i love lincoln park!

shellyrm aka jogging stroller mama said...

If that tastes half as good as it looks...yummmy!

Robin said...

Jamie, great post! I love that you're making recommendations for our fellow Chi-town 10-10-10 runners. NICE! :) I'm sooo disappointed that Hubs and I had to cancel our trip for the 9.12.10 Chicago Half. I LOOOVVVVEEEE Chicago! (but I think I've said that before, she says, hanging head)

We will definitely get there in the next year or so, and appreciate good food. Will be sure to look for this restaurant then. :)

*hugs* from Orlando!

p.s. ~ Didn't forget the racing shirt revival... just had a really rough summer. Maybe a different item, to put a different spin on it??