Tuesday, September 7, 2010

labor day weekend in review

I love 3 day weekends and really who doesn't?!? The city tends to clear out over holidays so it was nice to have a relatively quiet weekend. Parking was plentiful which rarely happens! The weather was pretty darn fab the entire weekend too.

doesn't it look beautiful outside?

Here's what I managed over the weekend:
  • running of course! A lot of long weekends I get lazy and don't hit the road. Not this one. A long run of only 11 miles (cut-back week), 4 tough should have been easy recovery miles, and 3 windy miles with the husband. All done at the end of the day with nearly no one on the path. Pretty rare around here.
  • sleeping in - love it!
  • a little bit of cleaning. our kitchen and my office were a hot mess! I wanted to get more done but I got lazy and started watching The Stand on the SyFy channel instead.
  • driving range with the hubs. I decided to get out of the house but didn't take my clubs this visit. I got to try out my picture taking skills along the running path instead.
  • night out downtown with friends, for a going away party for one of them who is moving to NJ . seeing 30+ year olds pretend they are much, much younger = priceless.
  • reading on the front patio. I picked up a photography book to teach myself and a book on Maui for our upcoming trip. I actually feel a lot more confident on my manual setting already! And seriously cannot wait for our November vacation.
  • restaurants - delicious new ones and old favorites
  • taco and margarita sunday. We ended the night with a movie on the couch
  • a trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo. I love playing tourist in my own town and I haven't been back in several years. A fun (and free!) day in beautiful weather even if it was packed. I got some great pictures and exercise ;)
  • hit up whole foods. love that store though it hurts the wallet a bit.
  • my husband making ribs and all the fixing's for dinner. I enjoyed a night off from the prep. though that does mean I had the clean-up. it's only fair.
  • caught up on the dvr and took in some really bad (but oh so addicting) reality tv shows on Bravo.
How was your 3-day weekend? Did you get everything done you wanted or take it easy?


Marlene said...

This sounds like a perrrrfect long weekend! I could go for another one.

bobbi said...

I agree with Marlene - sounds like perfection!

Jess said...

Sounds like an awesome long weekend!

Mark said...

Wonderful pictures!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend...isn't 30 the new 20?

Teamarcia said...

Sounds perfect! Chi-town in summer is the bomb. I got only as far South as Lincoln and Irving but we still had fun!

Genesis said...

weekend was great. a lot of seafood was consumed and so was shopping :)

kristen said...

DanG girl. You did more this weekend than I did all month :)

kilax said...

That sounds like an amazing Labor Day weekend! And I love all the pics! :)

Ugh... my Labor Day weekend was not as fun (although, I did get to see my fam on Monday!). I hope my next one is more like yours!

runner26 said...

aww, the lincoln park zoo! i have such great childhood memories of that place. your pictures were beautiful! sounds like you had a great labor day weekend!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me! We need another one soon, right?

Nej said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend to me!!!! I spent Sat and Sun driving 20+ hours from Montana to home. But I took complete advantage of Monday....sitting on my rump, watching bad reality tv all day. Felt marvelous! :-)