Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Freaky February

60 degrees...in February...Again! Luckily I don't travel until this evening to the ever fascinating Toledo, Ohio so I was to enjoy another beautiful February day. Since we all know these nice days are a freak occurrence in the north. It was great running in shorts and t-shirt outside. I actually enjoyed my short 4 miler more than usual. Who knows when I'll be able to go back outside without my running tights, hat, gloves, and coat in the next 1-2 months. After this I am ready for winter to be done unfortunately I think I saw snow showers on the extended forecast. Ugh.

This week is another crazy work travel week. A lot of long day trips to places like Queens, NY and Birmingham, AL. Yesterday felt like 7 days not 12 hours of travel. But this ridiculousness should be over soon and then I can plan a more normal travel schedule (normal travel - if that is even possible) and actually have time to run/workout rather than come home and collapse.