Friday, February 27, 2009

Depressing, Obsessive or Neither

Today was the first day since Sunday that:
  • I wore make-up (sort of)
  • dressed in something other than pj's/shirt combo or workout clothes
  • wore my wedding ring (if I wasn't getting dressed nor leaving the house no point in wearing jewelry!)
  • left the house to go somewhere other than the gym or a run on the lakefront

Personally I think this all makes me sound like a very depressed person or someone obsessed with the gym/running. Reality is that this is what happens when you and your significant other have the same job that requires business travel, when you work from home, when you work from home and the significant other is traveling, and when all your other friends don't want to do anything during the week. I don't have too many full weeks like this and of course it flew by.