Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday Update

Not much to report on today. It was gorgeous here in the city mid-50's. I hear it's not going to last; just a teaser day. Jacob actually went on todays run with me and that rarely happens. But that means although I have someone to run with I have to change things up and not go as far. Since we only just about 3.1 miles I threw a couple 400-800 sprints in there. That didn't feel good but it is a reminder of what I need to work on these coming months.

lap 1: 9:01
lap 2: 8:43
lap 3: 8.49
lap 4: 9:31

In one month we have the Run to Wrigley 5k. I know only a 5k you say. I love this race. I have run it every year and I love seeing the progression of the race and organization every year. Plus it's cool to end under the Wrigley marquee after running through Wrigley (no not the field unfortunately). It will be the boys first race in a over a year. I'm a bit worried for him. As long as I keep getting him outside a couple times a week he should be okay. This may be the one year I'll beat him! I'm looking forward to this race it's a time when all our non-runner friends make an appearance and run their one time a year.

Friday and Saturday bring the cake tastings. Bring it on! And with that I will definitely need to get a workout, or three, done. But hopefully by Sunday I can have that second to last vendor checked off my list.


Marcy said...

Oooooooo cake tasting. Dang I wish I could be a part of that :P Looking good on the run ;D ;D

The Laminator said...

Good luck on your run, Jamie. But seriously though, I think you should start a petition for a Wii based running game...maybe have the controller strapped to your thigh so it can sense the motion of your, how cool would that be?

Amanda said...

Oh I never got to do a cake tasting, boy am I jealous!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the weather great in Chicago! One of my patients said it was going to snow though this week coming up! Yuck.
Have fun cake tasting

bill carter said...

Hi Jamie

Way to get the fiance out there for a run.. I'll just bet you get him in the 5k as well.

Good luck with the training and the tastings...