Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hey There Sweet Thang

The sun crept out today so that meant I absolutely had to go for a run. Its bright rays tricked me into thinking it was warmer than it really was though. Oh 50's and 60's when will you get here already? Except for the chill it was a good lunchtime run on the lakefront. Completely uneventful. I think I may have passed 2 people under the age of 80. Not too many non retired folks making it out there in the afternoon right now. I ran 4.5 miles at just under a 9 min/mile. I like getting my runs done in the afternoon. I feel like that's when I am at my peak. Plus with not many people (bikers, runners, random people walking to/from the fields and parks) or cars it is very relaxing and much easier to get into the groove. Hopefully I can continue to make the time to get out there over lunch more often.

The one thing that ruins a good run is the 1/4 mile walk back to my condo. It's a busy street in not the greatest neighborhood in the city (I swear it's coming around). Why is the men in this neighborhood (1/2 of which do NOT have a job so they have nothing better to do than walk around at 2pm and check out women) need to make some cat call or comment to any chickety with ta tas? I know I'm one hot piece of a** especially after a run but do these guys really think that I am going to be like all "hey baby how about you and me..." Yeah, not so much.