Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Temp run, Traveling, and Thanks

I made it home and not as late as I expected. Yeah! But then I stayed up much too late running around unpacking, repacking, doing laundry. boo! We are leaving today to head back to Jacob's parents house for the weekend. So the fun begins in trying to get two runs done in the middle of nowhere, trying not to eat too much, and dealing with his mom give me the guilt trip about not having 2nd and 3rd helping for running and whatever else she can think of to give me a guilt trip about. It should be interesting as it is my first Thanksgiving with his side of the family. For the past 5 years we have split up and I drive home to hang with my sister and go shopping. But now I am told I am not allowed to shop this weekend. WHAT?!? I have been shopping this weekend since before I could walk there ain't no stopping me now.

But before the 3 hours car ride (which will probably be longer due to the date and the wonderful weather) I got a tempo run done. I was hoping to head outside but the cold and rain and overall nastiness had me headed to the gym instead. The schedule had me doing a 8 mile run with 6 miles at 8:43. I wasn't so confident I could pull this one off but I am happy to report I did! I had more miles logged in between 8:35 and 8:41 than the upper tier of 8:50 and I maintained it for 6 miles. Wahoo! On the car ride home I was thinking all that I was thankful for and besides my awesome family and friends and being healthy again I am thankful for you guys. Everyone out there who reads, comments, and provides endless support and inspiration. Thank you!

Okay now I am running seriously behind schedule and need to jet. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Enjoy the long weekend with family and friends!