Thursday, October 9, 2008

Finding Garmy

Since I have this crazy 15k coming in 4 weeks I decided I should probably start running more than just at a easy, fun pace. Yesterday was my big return to the tempo run. As well as being garmy's big return. It took me awhile to actually locate him. Why they didn't put some kind of locate button on it like they do with some cordless phones...Probably b/c most people use theirs more than every 3 months or so. Of course I put him in a spot pre-wedding that I couldn't possibly forget post wedding. Yeah not so much. I stuck him in one of the bathroom drawers...why I thought that would be an awesome spot for my garmin for several months I have no idea. I guess I was delirious from actually cleaning or something. Then garmy had some trouble locating the satellites but after 10 minutes I was finally on my way. I had 5 miles with 3 miles at an 8:45. And I have to say for my first time back at this for how many months it went really well. I can't say that it wasn't harder this time around to maintain that tempo but at least I met my goal. It probably helped that I went out telling myself that it would be great to meet the goal but would settle for xxx time as it is like I am completely starting over. I know they all won't go this well but at least it's nice to be back on a good note!