Sunday, July 11, 2010

water weekend

This weekend we were invited up to our friends parent's house in Wisconsin about 2 hours outside of Chicago. Another fun weekend filled at a lake with friends, boating, swimming, lounging, and this...

check out those sweet running short lines!

I haven't been water skiing since college and I wasn't sure I would be able to get up on my first try but I did! Like riding a bike when you have fat boy (wide) skis ;) And the husband even tried it for the first time and got up on the 3rd try!

We've been a little (err lot) spoiled these past 2 weekends. We packed all our lake fun into 2 weekends in July and now there is nothing else on the calendar the rest of the summer. I know we will find fun stuff around town but probably not on a lake :( Now, if there wasn't that whole "a lake house and boat cost a lot of money" problem ;)

No long run this weekend; I've pushed it off until Monday for a multitude of excuses. When we returned home I did head out for an easy 4 in the rain. It felt great even though I feel like I'm on a boat at times.


kilax said...

I want to try skiing so bad! It looks so fun!

We try to go to my parent's cabin on the Mississippi as much as possible during the summer, but it never feels like enough. And it doesn't help that I am surrounded by Lakes where I live but don't have a boat or anything!

Marlene said...

Sometimes quiet weekends are nice too, although you can't really beat time at the lake!

Looking great on those skis!

Middle Name Marie said...

I love the lake! We are headed out with some friends this weekend. Also, way to go--proudly rocking the running short tan lines! Looks like you had fun!

J said...

Oh man you have a really nice shorts tan! I wont be going to the lake until August, but it is worth the wait! Looks like a fun weekend!

Anne said...

Sounds like those two weeks were a blast! I have a feeling I wouldn't get too far on water look so strong :)