Tuesday, July 6, 2010

holiday weekend

After this long holiday weekend I now need a holiday. Isn't that always how it goes? For the holiday my husband and I made the drive back to Ohio for one of dad's parties. Also, for a little "fun" thrown in my in-laws made the 8 hour trip to visit as well. Yeah, they haven't seen each other since our wedding nearly 2 years ago and don't know each other all the well. Luckily we had a lot planned for the weekend to keep everyone busy! It was filled with no running (but a lot of talk about it with some neighbors who are ultra marathoners!), farmer's market, cornhole, a lot of cleaning up (2 hours of dishes the morning after!), partying, eating, drinking (I behaved myself), some boating with my sister and brother in law, and a baseball game. Another extremely fun but very tiring weekend! The long drive home yesterday was worth it. Now it's time to persuade my husband to move to Ohio so we no longer have these long drives on a monthly basis ;)

I also was the one documenting all the fun on my dad's fancy camera. I was to purchase one of my own but really wanted to get a handle on such an expensive piece of equipment before I made the big buy.

Farmer's Market on the Square

Cheeseburger cupcakes - YUM!

Serious games of cornhole

drink responsibly - especially when it's 95 degrees outside

How did you spend your holiday?


Marlene said...

Looks & sounds like a fantastic weekend to me! Nice pics with Dad's camera. OMG, those cheeseburger cupcakes are too cute!!

Our long weekend was Thur-Sun and yesterday I was BAGGED all day. Finally feeling back to normal.

J said...

Those cheeseburger cupcakes look so good and totally cute! I could go for one right now!! Looks like you had an awesome weekend!!

lifestudent said...

Was it as hot up there as in IL? I was too hot to do anything this weekend. I just whined and complained about it mostly ;)

Teamarcia said...

So funny it's my husband who's from Ohio and me from Chi-town so the reverse of you!
Love the cupcakes! Looks like a fun holiday!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

oh corn hole, what a great game. one year my husband tried to convince friends it was named after a guy called Captain Cornhole who made it up in the army

sonianaz22 said...

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The Laminator said...

Sounds like a fantastic time. The photos came out really well too! Glad you had fun on your big holiday weekend!

Xenia said...

I have a big fat fail for the holiday weekend because I did NOT get to eat cheeseburger cupcakes.


runner26 said...

great holiday!! you did a bunch of great things!