Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Ultimate Runner Book Review

You may have heard about Tom and Amy the fabulous runners from Des Moines who created Runners' Lounge recent book release - The Ultimate Runner. I was lucky enough to receive a copy early this past weekend to check out. I love a good book. I especially love a motivating and inspiring running book. And really who of us doesn't?

If you haven't heard about The Ultimate Runner is a collection of short stories celebrating runners and their achievements and experiences. This is not from only elites and coaches, no it's also by some "regular" runners too. And let me say how wonderfully refreshing! There are are over 40 contributors (you can find the list of these peeps here) that includes some bloggers showcased on Runners Lounge blog previously. Always exciting to read stories from people you may "know"!

The book is separated into 7 sections that include stories, tips from the experts, and pictures. The first 6 sections include short stories on transformations, insights, the social side of running, memorable races, off the beaten path, and charitable causes stories. The last section is saved for the experts. While more seasoned runners may find some of this information in this last section repetitive there are good tips and reminders for us all.

Really The Ultimate Runner something for everyone. If you can not find a story in here to relate to in some way I would be very surprised. I found myself being able to identify with (because I too had experienced that! crazy I thought I was the only one ;)) or be motivated and inspired by nearly every single person who contributed. From those who were the casual runner or just starting out to the seasoned endurance athletes and everyone in betweeen these runners had me laughing out loud, shaking my head in disbelief and awe, and choking up a little bit... okay a lot but I am kind of an emotional freak :) When I was done it had me not only itching to lace up the shoes but also reflecting on what my story would be.

Thank you to Tom and Amy for putting together such a wonderful collection of stories for us regular runners! And for the copy of the book sent ahead of schedule ;) I hope there are many more collections to come in the future.

I highly recommend this book and if you want to grab your copy you can go to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Borders - it's available now! Added bonus... it's in paperback which means it's easy to travel with. Very important to this girl ;)


Marlene said...

I'm all about the paperbacks! Thanks for the review.

Genesis said...

interesting book. ill have to look it up at the library or bookstore.

Robin said...

Looking forward to reading this book! I talked w/ Amy earlier this week, and have a few friends reading it (and loving it equally).

Thanks for the review. :) I'm heading over to amazon.com to get my copy!!