Friday, May 7, 2010

HELP! running music needed

In about 8 days I'll be running my 5th marathon (and hopefully a 4th finish). So now becomes the time to make the marathon song list and it works out perfect because it gives me something to do at the in-laws this weekend. Lately I have been skipping over too many songs on my little shuffle because I am just so over the music. So I need your help! Leave me your top go to running songs. I am open to everything as my list is pretty eclectic as it is.

Remember if you want a chance at a copy of The Ultimate Runner be sure to leave a comment on the post below. Try and get as many entries as you can to better your chances!

Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's!


Marlene said...

Check out Orianthi!

Have a great weekend!!

J said...

Lady GAGA all the way!

Anonymous said...

Songs I love (and are on my marathon playlist!):

Aha - Take On Me
Nina Simone - Sinnerman
foo fighters - everlong

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Songs I love (and are on my marathon playlist!):

Aha - Take On Me
Nina Simone - Sinnerman
foo fighters - everlong

Good luck!

Kelly said...

I LOVE Paper Planes by MIA. SO good. I also think that New York state of mind (I think) with Alecia Keys is a good tempo too, surprisingly.

runner26 said...

i like jayZ, riahnna, & lady gaga for running tunes. i usually go to itunes and check out the top 100 for ideas.

can't believe #5 is coming up! i really hope you have GOOD weather!!

kristen said...

I never listen to music on my long runs. I download books on cd from the library to my ipod. Genious. The miles fly by.

the best books are anything from nicolas sparks and recently I've found Kristin Hannah. They are both light reads that are very easy to listen to.

Try it.

kristen said...

So, I just realized you needed music for that actual marthon. Duh.

The BEST workout song to keep your legs moving when they want to quit: "Till I collapse" by Eminem.

Also new purchases for me include:
Just Dance - lady gaga
So what - Pink
Where is the love - black eyed peas

Nicole on the run said...

I love Brad Paisley's 'It never would have worked out anyway'.

chris mcpeake said...

People run with music .. how odd .. LOL

Julie (ROJ) said...

Came across your blog randomly and saw you'r doing Cleveland next week. That's my city! Yippie. Good Luck and enjoy!

Scarlett Elliewood said...

Beck--he can always brighten your day and add some fun to the run. Fugazi--"Waiting Room" will make you run fast right when you think you can't go another inch. What else gets me moving:

The Band "Stage fright"

Puff Daddy "I'll be Missing You"

Wu Tang Clan

Lou Reed "Busload of Faith"

I could go on and on and love hearing other people's music suggestions!

Julie (ROJ) said...

Oh about music...I'd say for long runs I am also like the girl who said to download books. I download podcasts (about running haha) because it's easier for me to listen to a few hours of talk & stories than 100+ different songs all with the background beat going boomboomboom to keep pace.

A few years back though I was in the Virgin store in Chicago and fell in LOVE with the "In the Mix" cd collections. They have three different ones and it's like 54 nonstop songs all sorta "club beat" which for me is a good pace for running. Also there are two CDs by Dr Octavo Cardio Pulse and Cardio Fever. Remxed of ABBA and BeeGees and they are awesome pace for running too. (sorry so long)

Jill said...

I get so sick of my iPod playlist I make for a marathon like 2 months before the event. Ha. I like Lady Gaga also, she's annoying in person but her music is so upbeat and peppy! I like U2 also...I just like anything that is really speedy, so I can pretend my legs can keep up with it :).

Christina said...

I get some of my running music from itunes in their free section. The latin music has a great beat even though I can't understand the words.

Anonymous said...

United State of Pop - DJ Earworm. It's great for that extra oomph. I posted about it last week actually - you can watch the video here: