Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cry Me a Runner

Sweet. reports snow on Sunday for the Shuffle.  Should be a fantastic time!  I am so unmotivated for this race thanks to the gray, crappy weather and just feel like staying home. But since my friends have made the commitment to run I too will be there (unless there's sleet. I'll bail if there's sleet).

I moved my 16 miler to Friday afternoon so not to run a long run then a race back to back this weekend.  It was cold.  I'm tired of the cold.  I'm not asking for much of a warm up - 50's could you come back?  Soon?  The first 8 miles went by quickly with nearly no issues.  I felt like it was going too good and tried to pull back a bit for the reserves on the way back.  Wouldn't you know 9 and some odd miles hit and everything just went to crap.  I felt pain in places that I never felt before, didn't know could hurt.  But it wasn't the kind of pain that was worrisome/indicating something was seriously wrong,  just general I'm running 16 miles this will probably hurt pain.  Normally I gauge then disregard; however it really bothered me yesterday.  My head fell out of the game by mile 10.  I fought through with much struggle and for the first time ever as I was doing the short cool down back to my place I started bawling.  I walked in the house a blubbering mess and freaked my husband out.  I have no idea why I reacted like a baby.  Everything just hurt, I was tired, frustrated, and just lost it.  My husband asked why I didn't stop and call.  I started crying harder and said I couldn't give up just because it hurts a little and I'm frustrated. What a hot mess I am!  

After all that the average pace was 9:52 min/mile

Today there is a slight discomfort in my right ankle and some overall stiffness.  I'm really surprised there isn't more pain.   So just taking it easy, stretching, and will see on Sunday how I'm feeling.