Tuesday, September 13, 2011

feeling germy

Ever since I started traveling for work (nearly 10 years ago now - gah!) I've wavered in between being a complete germaphobe to being conscious of the germs and carrying my antibacterial lotion with me everywhere.  There becomes a point where you just can't sanitize everything and really don't want to think about it each week.  I kept telling myself sometimes germs aren't such a bad thing (how else did you build your immune system in the first place?). For as much as I do travel I can count on my hand how many times I have been sick over the last 9 1/2 years.  I thank my constant hand washing and use of Bath and Body Works antibacterial lotion (I just like this product because it's easy to carry and doesn't dry out my hands; they don't know who I am from the next person shopping at their store)

So I've been living my little travel bubble for awhile then this past weekend I saw Contagion (an excellent, well acted/directed/filmed movie).  I recommend it if you can handle the "germ-i-ness" because although it is fiction the story is all too realistic/feasible.  Immediately following the movie I was fine.  Not a thought about the old movie theatre and how many people have sat in that seat and touched that armrest before me over the many years it has been open!  Then I left for another business trip and now I seriously can't stop thinking about everything I touch in a single day while traveling.  I know this will pass but it is currently freaking me out :)  If anything, at least the movie has made me more aware of how many times I touch my face and the fact that I need to stop doing that so many times a day.

Now did I just creep you all out too?


Julie @ ROJ Running said...

My sister has always been nervous about germs and touching public places. I on the other hand am not. In fact I could probably stand to care a little more. My issue is I am allergic to most perfumes and I am allergic to almost all cheap soap they carry in bathrooms, so over the years I've just gotten used to the idea of not being that clean. I'm hardly ever sick either, which helps. Who knows, if I traveled more it might kick in.

Marlene said...

I only panic about germs in the weeks leading up to a marathon. Uh oh, that looks like NOW! Time to get paranoid!

Tara said...

I am a serious basket case due to being a germaphobe! I don't touch door handles, shopping carts, or anything that others touch. It gets a little ridiculous sometimes! I'm really only like this when I have a race on the horizon, I become very conscious of it all!

runner26 said...

weirdly, i feel less of a germaphobe now that i have a baby. not that i'm irresponsible or anything, and i use the anti-bacterial stuff and make sure mine and my baby's hands are clean, but I don't go overboard. i figure i'm strengthening her immune system ;)

btw, i'd love to meet up for a run sometime on the lakeshore path- with or without baby. message me on fb if you're interested. would be fun!