Wednesday, April 14, 2010


We all know when we amp up the mileage or change up the training our hunger can become out of control. I don't think I've been full in weeks. My work bag is stuffed full of fruit and granola bars that travel easy. It's kind of out of control. In addition to the hunger I also get ridiculous cravings and I can't focus on anything else! Usually it's avocados... I want them on or with everything. Tonight I made guacamole to go with our Argentinean steak meal and last night I was upset when the avocados my husband bought weren't ripe enough to add to our salad pizza dinner. I nearly went back out to find acceptable avocados but realized that was a bit nuts.

So am I alone in this weird training craving or do you find yourself craving certain foods too?

Training Update:
Although I do have a couple day trips this week they have fallen on my rest/cross-training days so I am able to stick closely to my running schedule. Though it would be nice to have a cross-training day that includes something other than running through airports!

Tuesday I had 8 miles with 5 x 600 meters at 5K pace. I was nervous heading out but nailed this workout! My legs were feeling the need for some speed (well as speedy as I get). I was consistent in all 5 repeats with my slowest being the 3rd repeat. It was still only 2 seconds off the fastest. Very happy with this workout!

Wednesday I had 11 miles and even though it warmed up a bit I turned these out at a very extremely consistent pace just under 10 minute miles.

Overall a good first two days of training this week :)


The Laminator said...'re really kicking this training's butt! Nice work! Cravings are natural. I think as you put on mileage, they may get more intense. Make sure you have healthy snacks available and you should be okay.

bill carter said...

Hi jamie

I honestly don't get many food cravings, but when i do ramp up the miles I can never get enough. And I do absolutely love guacamole and eat it right out of the bowl by the spoonful.

Glad everything is going well with your training.

Take care of that body and it will treat you well. Cleveland is coming up fast.

Marlene said...

What is it about that 3rd repeat? I find it is often the slowest. Way to go on the workout!

And YES, I hear you on the hunger/cravings. Unfortunately I am not often craving healthy foods like avocados. :/

aron said...

YES - usually cereal and cheese :) haha but i totally get cravings when the miles start increasing. NICE job on training lady - you are doing great!!

Anonymous said...

Oatmeal! It's all I think about. I can't wait to get to bed at night because it gets me that much closer to my bowl-'o-crack in the am.

Great job on your mile repeats. I wish I could be that consistant!

J said...

I crave sweet things all the time when I increase the mileage! Plus when I start doing 5+ miles in one day I usually get so hungry even if I have just eaten! Its like I just can eat and eat and eat! Great job on the speedy workouts!

Jess said...

I crave weird things allll the time when I'm training. Sometimes I used to want nothing more than a grocery store salad bar, but if it didn't have chickpeas, watch out, the ugly monster came out!

Jeri said...

I get the worst cravings too! It's been rotating between fruity candy and/or chocolate, chips chips chips (I'm guessing I'm losing too much salt when I'm sweating buckets), and avocados/mangos/ANY fruit. My grocery bill has been INSANE. I just want to be normal again. :( Hahaha.

Way to knock out your training runs. Good speed workouts make you feel like such a B.A. Way to go.

MCM Mama said...

Good job with the training!

I get weird little food obsessions. Lately it's been brussel sprouts. Just this week though, I've been loving a toasted pita with avocado squashed on it. Who knows? As long as I'm eating mostly healthy stuff, i try to listen when my body wants a specific thing.

Tara said...

I have been craving food like a fiend! The other day I had a banana, apple, an orange, and a random packet of oatmeal in huge huge bag. A little weird, but oh well!

kristen said...

when I was marathon training I ate like a feind too. I don't remember my cravings though I'm sure I had them. I always get on food kicks.

I want to know more about your salad pizza. What is that?

Nice job on your workouts! I'm glad things are coming together for you this week.

X-Country2 said...

Cravings are pretty normal, I think. Sounds like your trainign is going great. Keep it up!

runner26 said...

great workout!! i am so done w/ the interval stuff!

i have no cravings. I wish i did--they sound like fun.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Mmm guacamole sounds really good right now. I think pizza must be mine because I can't stop thinking about it lately