Sunday, March 28, 2010

the good and not so good from Sunday 16

The good and not so good from today:

good: Meeting friends and their little girl for brunch at a new-to-us restaurant; always a nice way to start a Sunday.
Bonus - they had gift certificates they graciously shared with us!
not so good: Having to wait until after 2pm to start 16 miles because I was too full from brunch

good: I got to try out some new running capris and runderwear (running underwear). The capris did well on their first long run.
not so good: major wedgie from said new runderwear :( This is a disappointment because I loved this brand previously.

good: When I woke up to check the weather the morning showers that were originally called for all week were now supposed to arrive mid-afternoon. Instead the skies cleared and the temperature wasn't completely freezing!
not so good: say it with me now. You know it's coming... WIND! 8 miles worth.

good: I ran 16 miles! This distance it a tough one for me mentally every training cycle and I'm always excited when I get through one.
not so good: my left toe blister returned with a vengeance despite my best efforts at prevention and there's now a right quad "twinge".

good: I met some nice runners on the way! I love nice runners!

good: There may have been minor inconveniences on today's 16 but I was able to break it up in manageable pieces that seemed to go by quickly. And on the last 4 miles my shuffle hit the song lottery. It's what I needed to finish strong.

This was to be my recovery week but I'm not feeling very recovered. I know it's because I had to fit too many miles at the end of the week back to back (x 2). Maybe this week I'll be better with spreading the miles out and having time for some actual cross-training. Here's hoping there's no crazy last minute trips (and I didn't just jinx myself by writing that).


Running Diva Mom said...

congrats on your sixteen. even if you didn't feel good about it ... you did it. And mentally that is really good.

kilax said...

Oh gosh. The wind yesterday has us searching for a park with some trees to block it, but it was still tough. Great job on the 16!

I have been really curious about runderwear. It is too bad you did not like them! What kind were they?

Marlene said...

Great job on the 16!

Here's hoping this week goes smoothly so you don't have to cram in the mileage over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Runderwear? Catchy name, but I'm not sure about that... :) I love it when my iPod hits the song lottery, it's amazing how much impact music has on my running mood.

Jess said...

Major props to you for still getting out there and getting that run done.

Jeri said... Dude wind is a bitch. I'm so over the wind. Way to get that 16 in and done though. :)

J said...

Well it seems there were more good things than bad with the weekend and 16 miler! Thats great! Hope your week goes better!!

lifestudent said...

I could never do a long run after brunch. But, thats probably because I cannot control myself around food. I ALWAYS have to run before I eat a meal, that way I only eat run-specific fuel before I go. If its later in the day I cannot run because of all the crap I ingested previously ;)

Great job!!!

The Laminator said...

Great job with the sixteen miler Jamie! Awesome job! Woohoo!

MCM Mama said...

Do you buy special underwear for running? I have certain pairs that I DON'T wear for running and a couple that I save for long runs, but they are all just your basic cotton underwear. I'd be interested if you have "real" running undewear.

Good job getting the 16 in.

bill carter said...

Hi Jamie

I actually started laughing out loud when I read "runderwear". Just seemed funny to me.

Whenever you go long on a run like a 16 miler there are bound to be some issues. You handled them like a pro and that means you are ready.

Don't worry.. the recovery will be there in plenty of time.

Anonymous said...


kristen said...

I don't know how you do it girl! You amaze me with all that traveling, still managing to get in 40+ miles. Your awesome!

16 is a tough distance for me too. Way to get it done.

I would LOVE to see a picture post or 'what I am loving' or anything that doesn't revolve around running and/or winde. HOpefully you wont have to deal with it for much longer.

runner26 said...

oh the windy city! it seems the worst in march/april. at least the temps are pretty nice right now (so i hear). finishing a 16 is always an accomplishment--esp when there are so many "not so goods". well done!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

oye ve 2PM 16 miler would be mentally hard for me, way to go girl!

X-Country2 said...

Getting 16 done one way or another is an accomplishment. Nice work.