Sunday, January 27, 2008

4 suprise miles

This is supposed to be a running blog but as of late there hasn't been much discussion about running. Probably because I haven't done it. I think about it. But for whatever reason I haven't felt the call, urge, desire to run. Maybe it's the nasty weather or maybe I'm just lazy. Even the new garmin I received for Christmas (which finally came out of the box last week) couldn't motivate me. I charged the new guy and was all ready to take him outside to find a signal for the first time...nothing beats the first time signal or so I hear ;) Unfortunately the little guy still remains signalless as I only got as far as unplugging him from the wall. So when I headed to the gym yesterday I had no plans on running. Why start now?!? But as I headed out from the locker room the long row of mills called to me and I answered. Those first 15 minutes sucked. But I had my Brian Williams NBC podcast to talk me through. I threw in some intervals of my choosing and I told myself I could stop at 20 minutes and move to the elliptical. Then what do you know I actually stayed for 40 minutes and ran over 4 miles! Yeah! Kept the pace between a 9:30 and 9:13 and it felt good. Until today. My hips are tight (I probably should have stretched better). But it is supposed to be a balmy 40 degrees Monday so you bet your ass I am headed out to designalize my new garmin. Can't wait and I know he is pretty excited too :)