Wednesday, May 25, 2011

oh happy (and a little sore) day!

Today is a good day!  A scheduled work trip had to be canceled thanks to the stormy weather.  AND it was canceled far in advance so I didn't have to do the whole, drive to the airport, find out I'm delayed when I get there, wait around for hours, then get canceled.  Even better, I don't have to make the trip up/try to smash it into my schedule because I was only helping out since the other team members couldn't cover it tomorrow.  This trip was hanging over my head this week so it's nice to have that cloud lifted.

Now that I'm no longer"in-training" and figuring out what's next I'm trying to incorporate more of a mixture in my workouts.  When I was hurt earlier this year I picked up a kettlebell at Target which included a 20 minute video with Bob from The BL.  Later I ended up purchasing his 50 minute DVD from Amazon.  These were dvds great while I was injured because I could still do most of the moves while in my boot and work up a serious sweat.  While training for the marathon I didn't make time for the kettlebell.  1) because I'm sort of lazy and 2) because I tried one week to incorporate the video after an easy run and then I was so sore I couldn't complete my remaining speed workout and had to push back my long run later in the week.  Kettlebells seriously kick my butt and last night was no exception.

My husband took my car to the airport and I no desire to go find his that was parked on the street somewhere and drive to the gym.  Instead I popped in the 50 min dvd.  Yeah... today I feel like I ran at least a half marathon.  Legs and back are so sore in such a good way.  If you want your butt kicked in the comfort of your living room pick up one of Bob's kettlebell workout dvd's.  I had the ceiling fan going and the windows open to let the cool 50 degree air in and I still was drenched (and swearing at the TV) within 10 minutes into the workout.

I get bored with workout dvds easily but this is one I will definitely be incorporating more often.


Marlene said...

Sounds like a SERIOUS workout! I love to mix it up in the "off" season!

Teamarcia said...

what's up with this ridiculous rain?? i haven't picked up my kettlebells lately either. Hate to even think about how much that would hurt.

Jill said...

That's a GOOD sore, girl!! Yay! And it eventually gets better! I remember screaming at my trainer a couple years ago telling him that it was not good to have sore quads from wt lifting if I couldn't run the next day :).

I haven't forgotten about ya, will send some stuff this weekend. I am not familiar with kettleball workouts but if you're sore, it's working!!!