Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crampy Calves

I'm back... briefly :) I have quick question before I have to pop out again.

So this training cycle (yes, I'm out of the boot finally and back to a regular running schedule!) I find my calves are much more sore / tight / prone to cramping than in the past. I have had problems but never like this time around. I'm following a slightly amended, less mileage more focus on getting my "speed" back training plan, my diet/food intake hasn't really altered much, I'm taking in my vitamins and eating enough potassium, I'm probably doing more cross-training, I wear my compression socks, etc. What gives? It's getting to the point where I am being woken up regularly (2-3 times a week) due to the cramping or the beginnings of what could turn into a very painful charley horse in my calf. I've also woken up screaming in pain and then my calf is tender for the next few days. It is so frustrating.

Do any of you suffer from weird cramping after running? How do you deal or what have you done to alleviate the problem?


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I have no idea, but YAY!! i am glad you are back. Dude, I missed you.

Marlene said...

Hey Girl!

I've been lucky not to have calf or cramping issues, however I know a lot of people who have.

Compression socks/sleeves were the most popular solution, as well as salt pills - but that would be moreso for cramping while running.

I have also heard of trying a running shoe with less of a lift from the toe to the heel, and maybe looking for the same in your every day shoes?

And bananas... but you already said bananas.

I wish I could help more!!

Laura said...

Sometimes I find my calves just get sore when I'm not used to running whatever distance it is, and it just takes adjustment, but the cramping sounds like it's not that issue. Have you tried beefing up on potassium? I've always used bananas as a remedy for charlie horses.

ajh said...

I have heard bananas. Seems to work for me but could be psychosomatic.

chris mcpeake said...

salt pills always have worked for me. Maybe some strength training and stretching for the calves might help as well.

kristen said...

Ugh, that's awful. I've woken up with calf cramps before but never more than a couple in a week. I went to a nutrition lecture at my running store a couple of years ago and their was something that stuck with me. She said that eating beans were really important if you are prone to cramping. Also you might want to add some salt to your food. Although, I've also heard too much salt might casue cramping. Idk. I hope this helps a little.

Bill Carter said...

Hi Jamie

I just typed out this long message and lost it...Ughh!! Short version... yes I get cramps 2-3 nights a week they suck i haven't found anything that helps they do run in my family i also get benign fasciculations factor? really looking forward to meeting you in the Cleve if you want we can xchange cell #s maybe meet up at expo?

Take care
Bill copy just in case