Thursday, January 27, 2011

stress and no running

What day is it? Which way is up? Work has been absolutely non-stop since returning from Disney and it feels like my head is about to explode. Some days I'm so overwhelmed I have no idea where to even start. It ends up taking a good portion of my morning/night writing out my "to do" list. (Yes, I still write my lists out by hand. There is something satisfying about physically checking off my hand drawn box next to the item.) I've been on the road for work and when I'm done on site I have several more hours of work in the hotel room. I'm tired even though I have made sure to get at least 7-8 hours each night. I haven't had much time to myself the little time I do have is spent getting life stuff done around the house or sitting in a catatonic state. :)

Normally when life gets like this I have running/working out/sweat session to fall back on. Even getting away for 20 minutes helps me feel more centered and ready to attach the list when I return. Unfortunately I'm still in the boot. The only workout I can do is lift some weights as I have no access to a pool. Weights don't really cut the stress factor. I've found myself turning to not the healthiest stress releaser - why yes, I'll take another glass of wine - for example. I'm not a complete lush though. I do try to other things like a hot bath or a good book.

Now here I go stating the obvious. Being hurt sucks. Not being able to run when it's 50 degrees outside where I was traveling to and seeing runners everywhere really sucks.

So what do you do when the stress peaks and you can't run?


ajh said...

Good question. Nothing takes the edge off like a good run. I haven't been in a boot and have been able to bike or do other things. Good luck.

Marci said...

It sucks when you can't run, but you will be back before you know it. Maybe read a book or catch up with friends?

Marlene said...

Sucks to be laid up, especially when you really need some stress relief. :( I wish I had some advice for you, but I'd be miserable. Hang in there!!!

Mark said...

Hang in there, Jamie, you'll be back!

runner26 said...

i have been in this exact situation (multiple times). nothing cuts it like a run.

is yoga a possibility? even if you can't attend a class, you could try some at home (or in your hotel room). i did that a lot when i was injured and it really helped (plus a good yoga workout can kick your @$$!)

my other suggestion is ab work -- it doesn't really require your foot and you can work up a bit of a sweat if you really push it. i also did a lot of abs while injured.

hope it passes soon!

The Laminator said...

Yes, hurt and stressed is not a good combo. I agree with runner26. She knows what she's talking about :)

Hope you recover well Jamie and you get out of your boot really soon!

lifestudent said...

I like me a good chocolate chip cookie sundae. Melts the stress away.

I also yell at people. Usually friends and family. Sometimes the dog. Occasionally a complete stranger. Oddly satisfying ;)

Jeri said...

oh yeah... I have no good advice for what to do when I can't run. For me it's sit on the couch with a half gallon of ice cream and eat until my stomach hurts. Hah. Don't take my advice. Or do. but invite me over. Mmmm ice cream. :)