Thursday, June 24, 2010

this week's travel

What a week and it's not over yet...
  • started the week with a horrible cold. it's still sticking around. really how much mucous can one person make?!? (a lot and it's nasty)
  • left on Wednesday for a trip from O'Hare to Tampa then Tampa to Oklahoma City with a layover in Dallas, returning to Chicago Friday night. All those connections and random cities make the week feel longer than it is.
  • realized on my drive to the airport the bag in which I pack my unders, socks, and sports bra was sitting on my floor at home. (these items are packed in a separate bag so security and the rest of the airport don't see the hot pants if I have a random bag search).
  • my flight out of O'Hare was delayed nearly 3 hours because we had no pilots. I was worried I wouldn't make it into Tampa in time to find an open store to buy the necessities. And my visit started at 7:30 am on Thursday morning!
  • finally our pilots arrived! and I make it in to Tampa just before VS closes! sweet there's a sport's authority next to the mall and I pick up some new running gear :)
  • the Tampa site I was visiting - so rude. Not the way you want to start your day at a 7:30 am meeting. You think you would be nice - I help decide if they get to participate in the study and make some money!
  • Finish up on Thursday early and head to the airport to catch an earlier flight... flight is booked :(
  • we board our flight (late) but are taken off the plane within 30 minutes for "mechanical problems"
  • after nearly 7 hours in the airport flight is cancelled
  • all flights on all airlines are booked solid out of TPA... I can't get to Oklahoma City to do the visit that NEEDS to be done. All flights booked until the afternoon.
  • my study Lead (sort of manager) questions if I did everything I could to make it to the visit. Really dude, I want this hassle? I would rather make the visit in OKC just to not have to deal with you!
  • I can't make it back to Chicago until late Friday morning. But I at least get to go home earlier than originally planned! Wahoo, it's turning around kids!
  • now I just need to find a way to fit in that pesky Oklahoma City visit...

A whole bunch of little crap that wouldn't be so bad on its own but adds up to a hot, frustrating mess. Fingers crossed I make it back to Chicago before dinner time Friday! And because of the cold (I can't breath and have continual coughing fits) and this crazyness travel I haven't ran or really done much of anything. I'm feeling okay about that and looking forward to a hot, humid, sticky run this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Holy moly! What a disaster. I hope you make it home a planned without any more headaches. Feel better!

Christina said...

Travel always leaves me tired and a little annoyed. I hate it when all the little things add up to a huge thing. To have a lot of little things while traveling would be awful. Hopefully you had a great book to read and got in some reading.

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeling better and can run again soon. I hate being too sick to run and thanks for the kind words about my Dad after he fell and broke his hip it will be a long recovery for him.

Julie (ROJ) said...

Thanks for the well wishes. If you wanna send your addy to I'll send you your choice. I haven't done the giveaway yet (I'm a day behind...oopsy)