Monday, April 21, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Seriously where does time go. I feel like I am in a time warp this year where all my precious hours, minutes, and seconds are just being sucked out. Not too many interesting things to note though. Work is busy, busy, busy. I am leaving in a couple hours for Oklahoma City for the night. I was nominated to go help someone who isn't trained enough to perform this visit. Then I come back and leave for Detroit on Weds. Out and back in a span of 12 hours. Plus, trying to fit all this wedding stuff in before the craziness of wedding season begins. I spent the majority of the weekend getting my invitations and response cards just so...I need to just be done with them take it to kinkos and assemble b/c I am running out of time!

Eating is still bad but I am trying to just eat less of what I normally order. It seems to be working for me. No need to stuff myself every night! I got some more running and biking done last week with a 7 miler yesterday. Just got back from a 4 miler today. Some guy stopped me on the way home to ask if I just got done jogging. Hmm...what gave it away? The workout clothes, no maybe the running shoes...that can't be it, how about the sweaty, beet-red face? I just smiled and said yes and moved on my way.

I need to cross train tomorrow and try to fit some tempo or speedwork in on Weds or Thursday. The first bachelorette party of the season kicks off this weekend in Michigan so I don't think I'll be exercising much up there unless you count the number of steps it takes to get from one winery to the next ;) All the more reason to fit in a good long run on Friday before I leave.

And over the weekend we saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. From the guy who produced both 40 year old Virgin and Knocked Up. Well it does not disappoint! Super funny! I need my friends to go see it b/c Jacob and I keep quoting one liners from it but no one knows what the heck we are talking about :)

And finally big congrats to Bill who rocked the Boston Marathon today! Way to go!!!